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a person who (or that which) differentiates

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Use M21's chamber and discriminator assembly and ordnance bag with M240, M240C and M240E
This means that almost 43% of children who required admission had no clinical discriminator identified at triage.
Repeated measures, 10 x 2 x 2 ANOVA, with Time and Category (friendly or hostile) as within-subjects factors and Discriminator as the between-subjects factor, were performed separately for each muscle.
For instance, the discriminator in sense 13 of of simply says: partitive.
devised the Berkeley Unexploded Ordnance Discriminator (BUD), a multi-sensor electromagnetic system that differentiates explosives from harmless metal in real time.
The flexibility dimension proved to be the key discriminator between the two opposing armies at Gettysburg.
In order to determine the time of the signal with the respect to the scintillator, a linear fit was used to determine slopes in the preamp signal and in the discriminator output of the scintillator.
A price discriminator works his way down the demand curve to get those people who are willing to pay a relatively high price, and then selectively discounts his way down the demand curve.
This discriminator is used to differentiate between the general class of good parts and one or more specific classes of defective components.
In a number of them [2], (third-degree) price discrimination--until recently a topic reserved for courses beyond the introductory level--is discussed; the economic logic behind the behavior of such a price discriminator is easily developed as a straightforward extension of the result we turn to now.
The design and application of a delay line discriminator are discussed in detail.
Many organisations are taking the view that they will `wait and see', as under the Act, there is no enforcing authority, and claims will arise only when the individuals concerned take action against the particular discriminator.
The audio discriminator samples the environment 40,000 times per second, and the microphone analyzes a combination of low and high frequencies against 30 specific sound patterns.
During the past decade the importance of technology transfer as a key discriminator for winning international programs has become increasingly significant.