discriminative stimulus

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a stimulus that provides information about what to do

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In the SSP procedure, the light would not add anything to the predictive value of the sound of the water pump, whereas in the ODT procedure, the light would have the additional function as a discriminative stimulus for tray opening.
This possibility is supported by studies like Dinsmoor (1950), for example, who managed to reinforce a behavior by the contingent presentation of a stimulus which had previously functioned as a discriminative stimulus for another behavior.
Associations between the discriminative stimulus and the reinforcer in instrumental learning.
In their study, they found that testing outside of the therapy session resulted in loss of behavior to the presented discriminative stimulus. Using this methodology, generalization tests would be conducted after the initial training to diagnose irrelevant feature problems.
When the child says "da," for example, the mother may say, "Yes, that is a dog!" and thus reinforce the child's tact, even though that tact does not correspond either to its discriminative stimulus (in the adult sense) or to its adult topographic feature.
3 An example of the PowerPoint presentation for the C-Name pretest and posttest trials where the discriminative stimulus was the picture of different shapes of states
Simple discriminations consist of a discrimination containing three elements (discriminative stimulus, response and consequent stimulus), the basic pillar of operant conditioning.
Under the conditions of the CMO-T in this study, the sight of the eyes or face of the communicative partner may have served not only as the reinforcer for the eye contact response but also as a discriminative stimulus for the mand response.
(2010a) we expected to find a decrease in performance to Z when the discriminative stimulus is tested in context B but only in the group in which the context was informative to solve the task (group I).
The red light is said to be functioning as a discriminative stimulus .
The availability of reinforcement is contingent upon the presence of some discriminative stimulus of which reinforcement has been paired.
The number of training trials (3, 5, or 8) with each discriminative stimulus varied between participants.