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capable of being discriminated

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We demonstrate that human bipedal movement is discriminable in spectrograms for a walking human in the forest.
The explicit presence of semiotics in consumer research appears in Morris Holbrook's study "Beyond Attitude Structure: Toward the Informational Determinants of Attitude," published in 1978, Rebecca Holman's dissertation "Communicational Properties of Women's Clothing: Isolation of Discriminable Clothing Ensembles and Identifications of Attributions Made to One Person Wearing Each Ensemble" (1976) and Trudy Kehret-Ward's dissertation "Developing the Ability to Relate Scarcity and Communication Value: How Children Come to Use Products as Linguistic Units" (1981) (Mick, 1986, pp.
Although textured region has some exception, matching costs, which are calculated in the previous aggregation step, are discriminable at each disparity range in the texture region.
Here, they build four macroscopically discriminable layers from which they differentiate.
An attitude represents a summary evaluation of a psychological object, be it a person (e.g., coach) or group of people (e.g., athletes), a physical entity (e.g., Lord's Cricket Ground), an institution (e.g., World Anti-Doping Agency), a policy (e.g., Illicit Drug Policy), a behaviour (e.g., doping), or any other discriminable aspect of an individual's world [2].
"How to Make Tactile Maps Discriminable to Touch." In Proceedings, the 20th International Cartographic Conference, ICC 2001, Beijing, August 6-10, 2914-2922.
At the same time, the relationship is not so strong as to call into question the proposition that proneness to anomalous experiences is discriminable from proneness to paranormal attributions.
Ante el progreso de la Razon instrumental moderna, la Sinrazon se vio reprimida a lo largo del siglo XVII como signo discriminable en los internados, en tanto que signo de decadencia.
(1978), results indicated support for the theory and stages were found to be discriminable in terms of certain attitudes like upward mobility, career and overall job satisfaction, and job commitment.
Therefore, different gestures should result in different, good discriminable features.
(45) Once clear-cut, identities have grown increasingly diffuse as fehan and foho, though still discriminable by language, have merged into a more integrated recasting of the category ema timur while the distinctions between the ranks of liurai, dato, and ema reino are receding.
According to the RIAS, the smallest discriminable speech segment to which a classification may be assigned is designated as an utterance, which is therefore established as a communication unit.
The results indicate that discriminable and effective tactile thematic maps can be produced using classed data with a microcapsule paper production method.
Later they devised a scoring system to record the intensity of pain experienced: "Twenty-one discriminable intensities of pain were observed between the threshold pain and the ceiling pain ...
Efficient iris recognition by computing discriminable textons, in International Conference on Neural Networks and Brain, 2: 1164-1167.