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If it is a discretionary trust which you have set up, or you are aware a trust exists but have forgotten its exact nature, then get in contact with your adviser and ask them to research the position.
He said: "The estate transferred to me from my father and from trustees of a discretionary trust over a decade before I was elected as an MSP.
The case of Jehangir Tareen involves a discretionary trust , the PML-N leader has claimed in his submissions.
'Nevertheless, a beneficiary under a discretionary trust has an interest to be considered as a potential recipient of benefit under the trust and a right to have his interest protected by the court of equity,' the response states.
The Doddie Weir'5 Discretionary Trust - which makes use of his rugby shirt number - will provide practical help to Weir and his family.
The Renee Burton Discretionary Trust, building |of residential development of up to 24 houses with associated access, Manor House Farm, Manor House, Flockton.
QHe and my mother had drawn up discretionary trust wills, leaving their house to my mother and I.
5 to buy the painting from the Gerta Silberberg Discretionary Trust in Israel, the rightful heir to the entire art collection of Max Silberberg of Breslau, of which the von Marees is just one item.
In contrast, a purely discretionary trust (sometimes called an "accumulation trust") will have greater asset protection, since the trustee is not compelled by the terms of the trust instrument to pass out to the beneficiary the minimum required distribution from the inherited IRA.
In a design statement, applicants DESH Discretionary Trust say that the site contributes to the provision of a balanced mix of housing size, type and affordability in the area.
A discretionary trust has been set up by my father outside India.
Possibly the portion of the current statute that provides that a creditor of a discretionary trust may not "attach or otherwise reach" was considered by the committee to be clear enough to protect the intended beneficiaries of discretionary trusts even from exception creditors.
With a Discretionary Trust, the settlor makes a gift into trust which the trustees hold for a wide class of potential beneficiaries.
In the case of a non-domiciled UK resident or an individual investing through a jurisdiction that uses trusts for tax mitigation, a discretionary trust will be set up in an offshore jurisdiction, with a separate holding company as its primary asset.