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having or using the ability to act or decide according to your own discretion or judgment

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Within this study's framework, CSR is understood from a more social and discretional perspective, as that which "implies all the actions beneficial to society, excluding abiding by institutionally (human rights, sustainable development, work legislation, etc.
We first draw the implications for the literature on PBCs within federal countries, developing a stylized model where PBCs in subnational districts are affected by the discretional allocation of funds by the national government.
Religio-humanistic basis of morality presupposes that morality is derived from the essential nature or ontology of the typical African, who incorporates and acknowledges the idea of God, gods/goddesses, spirit, deities, ancestors in the universal scheme of things and disposes this to the discretional exercise of man (generic) in terms of lifestyle, choice or decision and actions, that have accompanying consequences.
My use of ethnographic techniques in the case study on CWHs, allows me to refer to the singularity of the community mothers as discretional actors and to the meaning of this discretionality within the framework of the implementation of a social policy of childcare in Colombia.
The PRI lost seven gubernatorial races because of discretional and mistaken decisions taken by Pena Nieto," columnist Raymundo Riva Palacio wrote in the daily newspaper El Financiero.
Furthermore, while the act limits an agent to powers specifically granted in the POA, as mentioned, the act also confers upon the agent the "authority reasonably necessary to give effect to that express grant of specific authority," (40) thus, permitting some discretional latitude, but again, how much?
The Chief Minister said that this force had always its self as a discretional, dedicated and highly professional force.
The financing of EU's bilateral aid is moderately progressive, but it is discretional, it does not fulfil the 0,7% international aid target, and it is improvable in terms of "distributive justice".
A key part of our operation is the contact centre, which drives sales for the business, and - as confi-dence grows - businesses are spending money on discretional services again, like advertising.
Given that sporting goods is largely discretional spending, sales are generally tied to the overall health of the economy and consumer confidence.
60) Thus regardless of whether or not it did in fact represent values reflected in the rules, section 6 encouraged a broadly discretional approach to choice of law that completely undermined any sense that the area was governed by rules.
Why do some national governments, such as Cameroon, use cunning to exploit natural resources by developing private agenda opportunities based on discretional land allocations, patronage and rent seeking behaviour?
Mahmoud Al-Tarori said the court has rejected the candidates' complaints before, always citing the judicial council's discretional power in making appointments.
the justification of IFETEL's resolution subject to judicial review, is enough to hold on a reasonable manner the determination of the preponderant economic agent in the broadcast sector based only on free-to-air TV service, considering that [IFT] is a specialized entity, its decision is consistent with the end sought by the Constitutional Assembly and [within] the scope of its discretional faculties that it has to assess the facts and then act; additionally, [IFT] it justifies with reasons that appear admissible, the adequateness and reasonableness of its conclusions.
The results of discretional statistics of research variables showed that potassium isotope in sampling regions has average amount of 794.