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having or using the ability to act or decide according to your own discretion or judgment

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Top of the list of key skills required was being "discretional".
Aareal's Basel III-compliant additional Tier 1 (AT1) hybrid securities are rated five notches below the VR, twice for loss severity to reflect their write-down on breach of their 7% trigger, and three times for non-performance risk to reflect fully discretional coupon payments.
The timeframe for any applicant to remain within the regulatory sandbox is a maximum of nine months (with the possibility of an entirely discretional extension of three months).
22, 2017, "a domestic security law gives the Army discretional power to design security policies, a job that belongs to civilians in democracies" (SourceMex, Dec.
Payment of dowry beyond the minimum agreed upon dowry, should solely discretional and based on the wealth of the bridegroom.
Such discretional spending has resulted in an uptick in DC demand, especially for retail operations, and has lead to high occupancy rates in Germany, in particular.
Official GDP estimates were under suspicion after the media reported on the ARKLEMS findings that official GDP growth was positively biased by discretional manipulation (as described by Coremberg (2014)).
Moreover, a DRE's ultimate determination is a discretional
On the other hand, there is Carroll's (1979) approach, who argues CSR to be the actions that go beyond a company's economic and legal affairs, understanding it as "the economic, legal, ethical and discretional expectations that society has about organizations" (p.
* Supporting the protection of the legal rights and remedies of children by creating a comprehensive system for representation including guardians at litem, public defenders, and state-paid and pro bono attorneys that would ensure: a) children will have paid or voluntary representation in dependency cases; b) state revenue be allocated as necessary to ensure representation in those cases; and c) representation of children in other discretional cases including dependency and other areas dependent on sufficient revenue being approved by the Legislature and not to impact funding for the Guardian ad Litem program or funding for the courts.
The first time when it was defined as a legal discretional instrument, was at the United Nations Conference on Environment & Development in Rio de Janeiro in the statement of 13 June 1992, where at principle 15, as we stated the before, is declared: " Where there are threats of serious or irreversible damage, lack of full scientific certainty shall not be used as a reason for postponing cost-effective measures to prevent environmental degradation".
This has made it possible to tolerate, legitimize and live in exceptional situations characterized by social injustice and the discretional application of penal justice (Dominguez, 2015).
Religio-humanistic basis of morality presupposes that morality is derived from the essential nature or ontology of the typical African, who incorporates and acknowledges the idea of God, gods/goddesses, spirit, deities, ancestors in the universal scheme of things and disposes this to the discretional exercise of man (generic) in terms of lifestyle, choice or decision and actions, that have accompanying consequences.