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Synonyms for discretion

Synonyms for discretion

the exercise of good judgment or common sense in practical matters

unrestricted freedom to choose


Synonyms for discretion

freedom to act or judge on one's own

Related Words

knowing how to avoid embarrassment or distress

refined taste

the power of making free choices unconstrained by external agencies

the trait of judging wisely and objectively

References in classic literature ?
The same process must be repeated in every member of which the body is constituted; and the execution of the plans, framed by the councils of the whole, will always fluctuate on the discretion of the ill-informed and prejudiced opinion of every part.
If a federal Constitution could chain the ambition or set bounds to the exertions of all other nations, then indeed might it prudently chain the discretion of its own government, and set bounds to the exertions for its own safety.
Thus completely deranged as parties, we took to discussing philosophical matters in general; an occupation well adapted to a situation that required so great an exercise of discretion.
In executing this duty, friends and fellow-citizens, you are to use courage and discretion; courage, that you may not be daunted by any lawless attempt that this man may make with his rifle and his dogs to oppose you; and discretion, which here means caution and prudence, that he may not escape from this sudden attack—and for other good reasons that I need not mention.
It was a practice he found he could perfectly "work" without exciting remark; no one was in the least the wiser for it; even Alice Staverton, who was moreover a well of discretion, didn't quite fully imagine.
For quarrels, they are with care and discretion to be avoided.
And the same observations which may be made on the senate at Lacedaemon may be applied to these; for their being under no control, and their continuing for life, is an honour greater than they merit; and to have their proceedings not regulated by a written law, but left to their own discretion, is dangerous.
Jehan, allow yourself to be punished at the discretion of the master.
I feel sure that I can trust your discretion, sir, so far?
I assure you, madam, that I had not intended to disclose my affection," the Engaging Gentleman humbly explained, "but the power of your beauty has overcome my discretion.
This last letter I inclosed to my mother-in-law, leaving it to her discretion to choose the right time for giving it to her son.
Now Joe Goose and Nelson had learned discretion with straight whisky, drunk in quantity.
And remember Beauty, Five Wits, Strength, and Discretion,
Arriving rapidly at these conclusions, Sir Patrick rang the bell in the hall which communicated with the servants' offices, and summoned his own valet--a person of tried discretion and fidelity, nearly as old as himself.
Everything I did or thought I carried to her, who had not only found the way to gain my love, but above and beyond this had filled me with sincere respect for her by the modest discretion which she displayed in a position where discretion and modesty seemed well-nigh impossible.