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With the deployment of 5G, China Mobile will be able to leverage network slicing to discretely support myriad new services and businesses simultaneously with differing service level requirements.
While Governor resorted to this practice discretely it became an instrument to weed out opponents by Zia.
People can go to the bar and ask for 'Angela' and a member of staff will call them a taxi or a friend or family member - or help them in whatever way they need - as discretely as possible.
Hughes presents a practical guide to implementing discrete Fourier transform methods to perform the frequency-domain analysis of discretely sampled time-series signals.
The sensor is discretely worn on the back of the upper arm for up to 14 days and produces readings in just a second, even though clothing.
ONLY [euro]44.90 incl, p&p Lightweight, convenient, with adjustable volume, the amplifier fits discretely behind your ear for all day use.
There are always some moments which we want to record discretely, with the easy key, one can easily record whatever and whenever they want.
The weapons were discretely hidden inside truck lower body basement and truck body was placed over it.
It said weapons were discretely hidden inside truck lower body / basement and truck body was placed over that.
The first horn frequently travels above the staff, and a few discretely placed ossia measures could make it more manageable for a younger group.
The cartons are discretely labeled with generic shipping labels or are blank as not to reveal the contents being shipped, added the company.
Most art forms in Iran are closely monitored and artists have to perform discretely, staging shows in caves, private art galleries or isolated fields where officials won't see them.
There are different colours to choose from, as well as the discretely elegant 24-karat gold edition.
Reports on the deteriorating health conditions of Al-Sisi's mother, were treated discretely since the start of August.
"Barcelona are constantly negotiating to bring in players or offer them new deals, but we do so discretely," he said.
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