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Synonyms for discrete

Synonyms for discrete

distinguished from others by nature or qualities

being or related to a distinct entity

Synonyms for discrete

constituting a separate entity or part


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Discrete graphics for gaming and professional editing
The main goal of this paper is to prove a theorem on a structure of a general solution for a model discrete elliptic pseudo-differential equation in a discrete half-space.
A discrete IoT implementation project should always be preceded by thoughtful consideration of the project's objectives and whether IoT is the best way to achieve those goals.
Linear uninterrupted discrete system with some quantifiers with discrete time [T.sub.1], ..., [T.sub.N] can be described by the system of linear algebraic equations in certain fields
Tuliga, "Discrete multitime recurrences and their application in economics," in Proceedings of the The VIII-th International Conference: Differential Geometry and Dynamical Systems (DGDS-2014), Mangalia, Romania, 2014.
Absorbent Personal Care Articles Having Longitudinally Oriented Layers in Discrete Portions: Xueen Hao, Beijing, China; Lin Miao, Beijing, China; and Chunlei Pu, Beijing, China.
In this paper, we used the analytical dictionaries based on discrete cosine, discrete wavelet transform.
A systematic study of discrete reflexivity was undertaken by Alas, Tkachuk and Wilson in [1].
If you want to buy a boutique laptop or a gaming system for over a thousand dollars there are still plenty of options for a discrete mobile GPU, but what if you don't have that kind of money to spend?
Three major categories worth examining include: discrete components, integrated and general arrays, and packaged solutions such as LED modules.
When the transportation cost on a given route is nonlinearly dependent on the discrete number of units transported, the TP becomes the nonlinear discrete optimization problem.
The problem of finding the least-cost path from a source point to a destination point can be dealt with by routing across a continuous surface or routing along a discrete network.
Ooba, "Stability of linear discrete dynamics employing state saturation arithmetic," IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, vol.
Roesser, "A discrete state-space model for linear image processing," IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, vol.
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