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Synonyms for discrete

Synonyms for discrete

distinguished from others by nature or qualities

being or related to a distinct entity

Synonyms for discrete

constituting a separate entity or part


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Keywords: Discrete model; integrated model; Building Systems; Stiffness; Response; spring stiffness.
More control at a lower cost: Discrete chillers offer the advantage of unique fluid setpoints for each use point.
On physical examination, the discrete, 1-cm nodule was freely mobile.
This unique result follows directly from two fundamental assumptions: (1) the internal symmetry space is discrete, requiring specific finite binary rotational subgroups of the SM gauge group to dictate the physical properties of the lepton and quark states, and (2) spacetime is discrete, and therefore its discrete symmetries correspond to finite subgroups of the Lorentz group.
Today's discrete analyzers, with more automated and programmable features, higher sample throughput and less reagent consumption than segmented flow analysis (SFA) or flow injection analysis (FIA) systems, have only scratched the surface of their potential for environmental and industrial applications.
It does not use the somewhat formidable mathematical apparatus of the 1961 paper, and it offers insights which may still seem fresh even to those familiar with the subject matter (for example, Fano's observation of how a discrete state with zero excitation amplitude can cause the total excitation probability to vanish at its own energy).
Brennan, 1979, "The Pricing of Contingent Claims in Discrete Time Models", Journal of Finance, 34:53-68
The integrated VCC-VID LDO in the ISL6505 provides 180-mA current, 30 mA more than discrete VCC-VID LDOs available today.
The low demand for discrete semiconductors still remains an industrywide issue resulting from the sluggish economy,'' company President Stuart Wang said.
Philips Semiconductor, a subsidiary of Philips Electronics North America Corp, yesterday opened a $30m extension to its chip manufacturing plant in Hamburg, Germany in a move to boost signal discrete semiconductor components capacity.
If you have wondered what discrete mathematics is or how to incorporate discrete mathematics into your classroom, this book will be a good reference and resource for you.
Just as electrons in atoms can have only certain energies, space itself may come packaged in discrete units.
com/research/8v775w/univariate) has announced the addition of John Wiley and Sons Ltd's new book "Univariate Discrete Distributions.
Excluding net discrete tax items, net income applicable to Morgan Stanley was $1.
Computational Modeling of Masonry Structures Using the Discrete Element Method
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