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Synonyms for discrete

Synonyms for discrete

distinguished from others by nature or qualities

being or related to a distinct entity

Synonyms for discrete

constituting a separate entity or part


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The company also plans to introduce new optical communication devices, low-power photocouplers, LEDs, advanced packages for medium-power semiconductors, as well as extensions to its family of discrete logic devices.
ITT's direct sales force will continue to market discrete product to a selected group of major ITT customers.
The company's current business base continues to be affected by the recession, as manufacturers in its target discrete markets limit capital expenditures.
The transistor and diode industry in mainland China and Taiwan, including discrete semiconductor makers, currently comprises 130 manufacturers.
While sessions are open to all attendees, the ARC Forum Digital Manufacturing and Supply Chain Synchronization program is targeted specifically at the needs of Discrete and Hybrid manufacturers.
Relatively few companies make discrete analyzers for environmental applications, yet nearly all of them also offer CFA systems.
It does not use the somewhat formidable mathematical apparatus of the 1961 paper, and it offers insights which may still seem fresh even to those familiar with the subject matter (for example, Fano's observation of how a discrete state with zero excitation amplitude can cause the total excitation probability to vanish at its own energy).
The integrated VCC-VID LDO in the ISL6505 provides 180-mA current, 30 mA more than discrete VCC-VID LDOs available today.
The author introduces and discusses the distinction between the discrete approach to possibilia as combinatorial constructs of modally discrete atoms, and the analogical approach which analyses possibilia as functional constructs of entities introduced by a Ramsey sentence.
Taitron manufactures discrete semiconductors, an industry rocked by the financial uncertainty over the past year.
Philips Semiconductor, a subsidiary of Philips Electronics North America Corp, yesterday opened a $30m extension to its chip manufacturing plant in Hamburg, Germany in a move to boost signal discrete semiconductor components capacity.
Just as electrons in atoms can have only certain energies, space itself may come packaged in discrete units.
com/research/8v775w/univariate) has announced the addition of John Wiley and Sons Ltd's new book "Univariate Discrete Distributions.
TechNavio's analysts forecast the Global Power Discrete market to grow at a CAGR of 8.
Now, IBM believes that with a generic application development tool like PlantWorks, a significant hurdle has been removed to the implementation of CIM and automation in discrete manufacturing.
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