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Synonyms for discredit

Synonyms for discredit

to damage in reputation

to cause to be no longer believed or valued

to prove or show to be false

to give no credence to


the refusal or reluctance to believe

Synonyms for discredit

the state of being held in low esteem

cause to be distrusted or disbelieved

damage the reputation of

reject as false

References in classic literature ?
There is a singular fascination in watching the eagerness with which the learned author ferrets out every circumstance which may throw discredit on his hero.
He reflected, with much probability on his side, that Lydgate would by-and-by be caught tripping too, and that his ungentlemanly attempts to discredit the sale of drugs by his professional brethren, would by-and-by recoil on himself.
Samuel Ferguson, one of her most glorious sons, will not reflect discredit on his origin.
Meanwhile, it would be helpful if we could get away from millennarial hysteria and name-calling which so discredits this whole issue and look to learning to ameliorate or adapt to such changes in climate as can be reliably identified.
Witnesses to a sad situation that discredits the institution and causes additional woes to the already troubled banking sector.
Many patients suffer needlessly before the medical community examines the accumulated evidence and discredits useless or harmful treatments.
IF THE UK''s Met Office is serious in their concerns about global warming they should all resign - as their current record discredits all they say.
Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 discredits itself by mixing legitimate criticisms of the Bush administration with typical left-wing rants.
Measuring Globalization," a study in the January/February 2003 issue of Foreign Policy, discredits this bedrock principle of political environmentalism.
In Brown's famous and frequently anthologized essay "Negro Character As Seen By White Authors," he invalidates the ethnographic claims of literary artists who exploited the so-called Negro as literary subject, and in so doing he discredits the entire ethnographic enterprise widely embraced by the academy and the literati of his era.