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Synonyms for discredited

Synonyms for discredited

being unjustly brought into disrepute


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suffering shame

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Turning the heat on Shearer, Kelly said: "It's a matter of opinion as to whether somebody is discredited or not.
It is difficult to see how any plan for the area could have been anything other than bourgeois: the aristocracy no longer exercises power and 'socialist planning' was discredited by Stalinallee.
Recently, a colleague told me a tragic story about his sister-in-law, who had succeeded in getting her spouse to attend church occasionally with her (though not as a member of that church), only to have a prominent, visiting church leader spout off from the pulpit as gospel some of the discredited 9/11 conspiracy theories discussed above.
Earlier, Mamata in an interview had discredited the BJP for its victory in Tripura, and compared the saffron party's feat to "winning the municipal elections".
With both the "but for" tonnages and the "but for" prices discredited, the "but for" revenues likewise were clearly impeached.
In a press briefing, Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella said Lascanas, who resurfaced on Monday at the Senate and retracted his previous testimony on the infamous DDS, was 'rather discredited' for flip-flopping on his statements.
The sour comments of discredited Tory Party co-chairman Baroness Warsi were to be expected and were entirely predictable but I look forward to seeing Ed at the gala next year to once again highlight the dismal failings of the discredited Tory-led Coalition Government and to celebrate this wonderful occasion with us.
"We want discredited members of the Council for Selection of Judges to resign from the Council voluntarily," Toktakunov said.
Tory finance spokesman Derek Brownlee said: "Whatever else he does, Alex Salmond needs to clear up what his government is going to do on the discredited local income tax plans.
At the event, held at the First Evangelical Free Church in nearby Manchester, Mo., hundreds of protesters gathered outside to denounce widely discredited attempts by Christian groups to make gay people straight.
for conduct considered to have discredited the Association, or for breaches of the Association's Guidelines or Directives."
For instance, they often refer to a statistic promoted by the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence that claims that "the risk of homicide is three times greater in households with guns." Of course, they don't mention that the study this statistic came from has been discredited for not following scientific procedures, or that the author of the study, Arthur Kellerman, has admitted the study was flawed.
W ill Roseff, managing director of bookmaker Backhouse Racing, disagrees with Robin Cook's claim IN HIScolumn (December 22) Robin Cook says that ``What discredited the levy was the repeated failure of the indus-try to reach agreement''.
The often-cited 10 per cent figure comes from the now discredited sexologist Alfred Kinsey, whose research on homosexual behaviour included large numbers of homosexuals.
Paul Pioneer Press (twincities.com): "Lott has been largely discredited as a reliable source of information on gun policy."