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Synonyms for discreditably

in a dishonorable manner or to a dishonorable degree

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Imposition of candidates in the last primary elections has brought nothing but innumerable number of court cases and the party had to discreditably struggle to retain political offices it easily won in the past.
I admit my own inability to make social media my friend may have biased me in a discreditably reactionary direction.
Vote rigging is one thing, but even if that is prevented, candidates will go on wanting to conceal information that may reflect discreditably on them.
If the panel, led by an independent legally qualified chair, rules she acted discreditably then she could face a number of sanctions - including being dismissed without notice.
The right of free speech does not demand a duty to be crudely, discreditably disagreeable.
But most of these characters are portrayed more or less discreditably, and as much as anything it is their sexual cynicism that discredits them.