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Synonyms for discovery

Synonyms for discovery

something that has been discovered

Synonyms for discovery

something that is discovered

a productive insight

(law) compulsory pretrial disclosure of documents relevant to a case

References in classic literature ?
His fancy kindled early at the recitals he read of daring enterprise and maritime adventure, and he followed with enthusiasm the discoveries that signalized the first part of the nineteenth century.
Later discoveries she will be good enough to leave to the pens of those persons who can write in the capacity of actual witnesses.
Here they were to erect a fort, and build the vessels necessary to carry their discoveries by sea into effect.
I have always thought, that one of the most curious and valuable objects of antiquaries has been to trace the progress of society, by the efforts made in early ages to improve the rudeness of their first expedients, until they either approach excellence, or, as is more frequently the case, are supplied by new and fundamental discoveries, which supersede both the earlier and ruder system, and the improvements which have been ingrafted upon it.
The new discovery engine utilized by Compugen in making these discoveries incorporates a proprietary model of the "peptidome", an in silico prediction of probable human peptides.
This product is uniquely designed to integrate easily into users' existing systems so they can leverage their current resources, allowing for increased productivity, enabling better data collection and use, and providing more opportunities to make breakthrough discoveries.
Collaboration and licensing agreements for development and commercialization of discoveries are arranged on a case-by-case basis.
Gerstel stated, "We expect that during the next two years, Compugen and its licensees and partners will be validating and developing products based on the first wave of discoveries from the Company's initial discovery engines.