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The Canadian Mining Hall of Fame (CMHF) will welcome five individuals in January who have made lasting contributions to Canada's mining industry: Kate Carmack (joining the Klondike Discoverers), James Franklin, James Gill, Sandy Laird and Brian Meikle.
Besides, to commemorate the decoding of the stone, descendants of discoverers and members of the French Campaign have attended the celebration, including that of Francios Champollion, the stone's discoverer Pierre, and the leader of the French Campaign in Egypt General Menou.
Equally, if something unexpected turns up, the professionals don't have the free time to investigate and so the amateurs are often useful for providing supporting data to other discoverers.
That's my century, the century of explorers and discoverers. But when you say you're an explorer or a discoverer, people put their tongues in their cheeks.
To prove we had plotted our course correctly we had to leave evidence of our "visit" at the said coordinates, like leaving a note under a pile of stones, which was checked out later by the senior discoverers.
The discoverers of the species Ardipithecus ramidus disagree with the new study and say that other evidence keeps these hominids in the woods.
Little Discoverers is a new group for pre-school children where youngsters can get stuck into a craft activity themed around an exhibit.
The discoverers could be working in solo or in group.
Grades 5-6 will be the likely audience of the 'Great Explorations' new additions ($22.95 each), which hold about 80 pages each of historical background on major discoverers, making them suitable for both biographies and history research.
Then I'd probably go back in time to meet some of the discoverers of the Province's world class mineral deposits.
A collection of brief vignettes with the theme of "discoverers," this book could be used as an excellent introduction to the lives and works of the 12 or so women whose discoveries are discussed in this book.
Science blends with archaeology and drama to create a title which will appeal to general interest readers as much as ocean archaeologists and fellow discoverers.
As it happens, the newest discoverers are also filmmakers and writers, one of whom runs an adventure tour company offering trips in Peru, Mexico and the United States, a detail skipped by major media coverage of the Llactapata find.
The discoverers have named the icy chunk Quaoar (KWAH-o-ar) after a Native American deity.