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Synonyms for discoverable

capable of being ascertained or found out

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If you have, then make such dispositions as you wish, and I shall always be discoverable in my room if required.
The notion of murder was absurd: no motive was discoverable, the young couple being understood to dote on each other; and it was not unprecedented that an accidental slip of the foot should have brought these grave consequences.
There were no eyewitnesses, and no trace was discoverable of the murderer.
It would be better to say "it thinks in me," like "it rains here"; or better still, "there is a thought in me." This is simply on the ground that what Meinong calls the act in thinking is not empirically discoverable, or logically deducible from what we can observe.
Godfrey Ablewhite might, or might not, be discoverable somewhere in London.
The result was discoverable, he added, in that silent, yet importunate and terrible influence which for centuries had moulded the destinies of his family, and which made him what I now saw him--what he was.
LEGAL COMMENTARY: The court noted that under the plain language of the state's peer review privilege law the restrictions imposed by a hospital on a physician's privileges to practice as a result of an internal review process was, in fact, discoverable. However, the nature and the content of the peer review process itself is, in fact, privileged and confidential.
These coordinate systems are transforming kinetic energy into discoverable verbal flows.
Until California tax law conforms, matters that are deemed confidential at the federal level are discoverable for state tax purposes.
The increasing use of computers by corporations and insurers, and the storage and communication capabilities these computers bring, widens the source of potential discoverable information that may be sought by adverse parties in litigation arising in the normal course of business.
At the same time, no discovery device has become more troublesome for companies than a notice for the deposition of their top executives.[2] In light of these developments, courts across the country have been attempting to create standards to balance the rights of litigants to obtain relevant and discoverable information from apex officials against the official's right to avoid undue burden and abuse.[3]
Because the privilege did not protect discoverable factual information, only the peer review process itself, incident reports were not protected by the privilege.
Every invoice of every sale by the taxpayer, for example, is potentially discoverable in a pricing case because it is either directly relevant or may lead to the discovery of admissible evidence.
At issue was whether the information behind the Facebook privacy wall was relevant to the issues at hand and thus discoverable. At the outset, the Court wisely acknowledged that that the online was no different than the offline when it came to the application of the standards governing discovery requests: While Facebook and sites like it offer relatively new means of sharing information with others, there is nothing so novel about Facebook materials that precludes application of New Yorks long-standing disclosure rules to resolve this dispute.
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