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Synonyms for discourse

Synonyms for discourse

the faculty, act, or product of speaking

a formal, lengthy exposition of a topic

to engage in spoken exchange

Synonyms for discourse

extended verbal expression in speech or writing

an address of a religious nature (usually delivered during a church service)

an extended communication (often interactive) dealing with some particular topic

to consider or examine in speech or writing

talk at length and formally about a topic

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It is interesting to observe that the last line of the discourse, which has so frequently been used by women as a weapon against Nietzsche's views concerning them, was suggested to Nietzsche by a woman (see "Das Leben F.
In regard to this discourse, I should only like to point out that Nietzsche had a particular aversion to the word "suicide"--self-murder.
An important aspect of Nietzsche's philosophy is brought to light in this discourse.
I looked a little surprised at the last of his discourse, and turning a little short, "How, sir," said I, "can it be said that we are not in the way of God's blessing, after such visible assistances and deliverances as we have seen here, and of which I have given you a large account?
I was sensibly touched with this discourse, and told him his inference was so just, and the whole design seemed so sincere, and was really so religious in its own nature, that I was very sorry I had interrupted him, and begged him to go on; and, in the meantime, because it seemed that what we had both to say might take up some time, I told him I was going to the Englishmen's plantations, and asked him to go with me, and we might discourse of it by the way.
I had a great many discourses with them about their circumstances when they were among the savages.
Thus the discourse ended, but it left the elder brother quite confounded.
We had a deal of such discourse, and sometimes others that signified as little.
As soon as she was gone, he related the whole story to me of the discourse his brother had about me, and of his pushing it at him, and his concern about it, which was the reason of his contriving this visit to me.
However, I desire you to remember the long discourses you have had with me, and the many hours' pains you have taken to persuade me to believe myself an honest woman; that I was your wife intentionally, though not in the eyes of the world, and that it was as effectual a marriage that had passed between us as is we had been publicly wedded by the parson of the parish.
The selected data is analysed from critical discourse studies perspective, and Fairclough's (1989) dialectical- relational approach to critical discourse analysis, especially description stage of his model regarding text/textual analysis, is applied for the analysis of the selected discourses on the Afghan national identity.
The studies, which are rooted in a culturally driven perspective on discourse, seek to overcome scholarly West-centrism and reconstruct Eastern paradigms of communication studies.
Tannen, Deborah and Trester, Anna Marie, Discourse 2.
Lacan, discourse, event; new psychoanalytic approaches to textual indeterminacy.
Specifically, we came to focus on the discourse of accountability, the discourse of classroom science teaching, and the discourse of education research, each of which were constructed by different stakeholders for different purposes but which intertwined over time.