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in a discouraging manner

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On whether to tell parents and bishops about same-sex attraction or gender dysmorphia, the literature is discouragingly vague, telling young people to pray on it and come to their own conclusions.
But, discouragingly, the computer app works far more smoothly than the Fire TV Stick app, which takes up to five minutes to figure itself out and load properly and is far more prone to buffering issues.
The queues, especially after the sun had set, were discouragingly long, and a concertgoer could end up spending an hour, at times even more, for a slice of unevenly heated pizza.
But," he protested, "I wrote so discouragingly to you.
The present tour-package and accommodation fees, discouragingly expensive by local Sabahan standards, contribute nothing to the park management which derives income only from an entry fee and climbing permit.
Though many students already attend community college tuition-free, student success rates are discouragingly low at these institutions.
And what does it mean that, for everyone who can't lay claim to uncontested entitlement, the opportunities for just being are discouragingly few?
Discouragingly, attackers often fund their new tools and vulnerability research with the money sourced from the very organisations that are victimised before.
6 million, and officials credit an improving labor market as well as the discouragingly long lines and crowded classes during the 2008 peak.
The book may look like a discouragingly large and boring math textbook, but Romanska's introduction serves as immediate reassurance that books should not be judged by their covers.
The struggle for religious liberty was a discouragingly plodding affair and would never experience a dramatic culminating victory, a fact starkly exemplified by the troubled conference at Carpenter's Hall.
For anyone who still remembers 1999's antiseptic Meryl Streep vehicle "Music of the Heart," the Brazilian classroom drama "The Violin Teacher" may sound discouragingly familiar: A down-on-his-luck concert violinist regains his mojo through teaching, bringing harmony to a spiky collective of teens less fortunate than himself.
Many discouragingly unsuccessful attempts are observed by Brighton's friends, Calandra, Dante, Eduardo, Flex, and Abagail.
The visa process also remains complex and discouragingly invasive; most tourists have to provide a copy of their hotel reservations, itinerary and bank statement to their local embassy several days in advance of travel.
To keep your mind flexible and alert and your memory intact, you have to make yourself think, so for maximum benefit choose puzzles and games that require mental effort on your part, but are not discouragingly difficult," suggests Dr.