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Synonyms for discouraging

Antonyms for discouraging

depriving of confidence or hope or enthusiasm and hence often deterring action

expressing disapproval

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When persons ask me in these days how, in the midst of what sometimes seem hopelessly discouraging conditions, I can have such faith in the future of my race in this country, I remind them of the wilderness through which and out of which, a good Providence has already led us.
She was disposed rather to accuse the intolerable narrowness and the purblind conscience of the society around her: and Celia was no longer the eternal cherub, but a thorn in her spirit, a pink-and-white nullifidian, worse than any discouraging presence in the "Pilgrim's Progress.
In short, there was no discouraging uniformity in these higher regions of the book-case.
ABP "has been discriminating in regard to the hire or tenure or conditions of employment of its employees, thereby discouraging membership in a labor organization.
Among the resolutions were those discouraging media campaigns that would impede the successful negotiation of disputes and discouraging the launching of country-specific initiatives within the Arab League without the consent of that specific country.
The new regulations would add several thousand dollars to the cost of converting an apartment unit to a condo, potentially discouraging some developers who would find it more expensive to evict tenants.
The minister said he is raising the levy to 19 cent because the current charge is not discouraging shoppers from using disposable bags - and littering the streets.
The defender normally guarding the Trigger (X5 in both diagrams) serves as a helpside defender in discouraging lob passes to any of the front line offensive pass receivers.
Discouraging interlopers has been a popular theme, both in duetting to defend a territory and duetting to drive away a potential mate stealer.
The practice often has a deleterious effect in developing countries, overpowering local producers or discouraging expanded agricultural development.
The move was yesterday attacked for "positively discouraging car sharing" with opposition councillors calling for a complete rethink.
CEOs at our Leadership Summit (see page 50) argued that Sarbox is discouraging them from taking risks and therefore making money.
17% of survey respondents viewing this factor as discouraging.
What takes the matter from sheer sloppiness to possible discouraging fraud is when the fund ignores its policies and actively facilitates market timing, often for a quid pro quo.
At a time when the Government needs to encourage private pension provision, the results are discouraging.