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Synonyms for discouraged

Synonyms for discouraged

made less hopeful or enthusiastic

lacking in resolution

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Discouraged in primary schoolsGirls are often discouraged by low self-confidence, fear of studies being difficult, and the lack of information about a career in this field, Velsic added.The problem with low "informatics" self-confidence starts in primary and secondary schools, said Petra Kotuliakova, head of the Aj Ty v IT (You in IT Too) organization, which supports girls and women in the IT sector.
In a statement on Tuesday, DepEd said there is no outright ban on inviting candidates as guest speakers at the ceremonies, but also said "it is highly discouraged this election season because it may be misinterpreted as endorsement of candidate by our principals and teachers.
'I want to strengthen all Nigerians not to be disappointed nor be discouraged. This is the more reason why we need a new Nigeria, where the election will hold on time and technology will make it easy to for all Nigerians, even those in the Diaspora to vote.
Njega also asked administrators not to be discouraged by small fines issued by courts against brewers saying consistent raids will discourage producers from the trade.
Speaking to reporters here, the President said he should not be discouraged by threats and should continue with what he was doing - including the campaign against terrorism and religious extremism.
The inquiry into child abuse in football has been told he discouraged at least two teenage players from making complaints.
The heightened, stable percentage of "disaffected" and "discouraged" French citizens is useful in understanding how support for populist candidates such as Marine Le Pen and Jean-Luc Melenchon has been able to take root and grow.
Regardless of the September 26 results, which may lead a number of candidates to leave the race after being "discouraged", another poll in October will be even more crucial as the five permanent UNSC members (who have veto powers) will be handed out coloured ballots and will be able to discourage them publicly.
EDINSON CAVANI admits Uruguay are "discouraged" by Luis Suarez's injury problems but remain hopeful the Liverpool striker will still play some part in the World Cup.
The women told lawmakers that, often, they were discouraged from filing their complaints, and when they did, their reports were met with skepticism.
The researchers said there are a number of reasons, including the rise of automated programmes or "bots," but also noted that some potential contributors are being discouraged by Wikipedia's structure.
A majority of Arabs believe that marriages between blood relatives should be discouraged and that governments should be educating people about the health risks involved, according to the latest Doha Debates opinion poll.
Mr Mabasa said it also discouraged some doctors from dispensing, thus indirectly limiting access to medicines.
The HPA said spitting should be discouraged by football clubs as experts attempt to halt the spread of the infection.
A JUDGE has discouraged parents from taking civil actions over school yard mishaps as "children should be allowed to play".