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Two segments (discounter dodgers and creative shopping avoiders) are unattractive market targets for most discounters because they shop discount stores only when they must.
Guidelines of Discounters Type of UK discounter Characterized by example Limited line Under 1,000 lines, Aldi, Netto grocery discounter tightly controlled, emphasis on grocery, 10-15 per cent cheaper Discount Slightly less emphasis Kwik Save, supermarkets on grocery than above, Lo Cost more fresh, chilled and frozen products, 5-10 per cent cheaper Extended range Over 3,000 lines, Food Giant discounter extended format, but Pioneer perceived as trading at discount prices Source: [6].
LESS DISCOUNTS Consumer spending on groceries on offer has dropped to its lowest level in seven years as UK supermarkets take on the discounters with permanent price cuts, figures show.
Aldi and Lidl are attracting more posh shoppers than ever, with shoppers from the highest AB demographic now making up 31% of all shoppers at the discounters, a new study by research consultancy Him!
CHRISTMAS dinner is set to cost less than last year, thanks to the rise of the discounters.
The Big Four supermarkets - Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury's and Morrisons - have been hit by the discounters' booming success.
Tesco, which has lost ground to discounters as hard-pressed shoppers look to cut food bills, said UK like-for-like sales rose 4 per cent, excluding fuel, during the second quarter.
Always big in snacks, candy, nuts, softdrinks, paper goods, diapers, cleaners and detergents, and health and beauty aids, the discounters have been slowly but surely moving into other grocery products.
This will feel annoyingly early for many--but is, after all, appropriate for a discounter intent on helping shoppers spread the seasonal cost.
In this article, Euromonitor International compares the global expansion strategies of the world's two largest discounters, Aldi and Schwarz (operating the Lidl chain).
The fast-growing discounter is set to open a [pounds sterling]40m, 215,000 sq ft distribution centre in Northfleet, Kent, this autumn.
Aldi Local is a subbrand to differentiate the discounter's smaller city stores from its full-sized ones.
Tesco remains the leader in online grocery distribution in the UK and has defended its market position against competition, but has struggled to shore up its market share against the growing presence of discounter chains Aldi and Lidl, which have attracted customers from other supermarkets.
Retail Disruptors: The Spectacular Rise and Impact of the Hard Discounters is a scholarly analysis of how "hard discounter" chains like Trader Joe's and Aldi have spread like wildfire, and why their business model--which offers consumers less choice in products and mostly private labels, in return for lower prices that maintain an acceptable quality standard--has been so successful.
What may be most critical for diabetes patients is access to affordable supplies, which is why the discounter offers an exclusive, affordable line of everyday essentials for coping with the disease.