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in a discordant manner

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Oliver McKiernan's Pick 6 perm 7 Great White Shark1.50 Fairyhouse 10 Little Light 15 Tens Or Better 6 Discordantly 2.20 Fairyhouse 9 Elite Charboniere 3 Eclair De Beaufeu 2.55 Fairyhouse 5 Mister Blue Sky 2 Gallant John Joe3.30 Fairyhouse 13 Zero Ten 9 Bianca Minola 4.00 Fairyhouse 21 Duke's Girl 18 Scotch Quay 4.35 Fairyhouse 48 lines @ €1 per leg.
From projecting the RSS as a devout defender of the Indian Constitution to welcoming a plurality of vision by accommodating minorities, speaking out against lynch mobs and fighting for gay rights, Bhagwat struck a discordantly futuristic note for an organization that in 2015 espoused for Ghar Wapsi or a mass conversion of minority community members to Hinduism.
Discordantly, according to the present observation, a total of 851 coding vs.
Comedian Frank Skinner paid tribute to his hero: "I have stood in many dark clubs watching Mark E Smith prowling the stage amidst a swirl of mic leads and gaffer tape, interfering with speaker knobs, prodding discordantly at keyboards, proclaiming his dark lyrics like a man shouting from a prison window.
Yet discordantly, the Short Strand community is disciplined by power-knowledge relations which produce both environmental deficit and an absence of choice in allocation:
The pattern of Pokemon Go players perceived to be behaving discordantly at memorial sites can be understood in the context of memorial sites being transformed into augmented properties.
Such formation discordantly lies above flood basalts from the lower Cretaceous, which outcrop close to the stream bed of the large rivers (Maltoni, 1994).
Of the remaining 8 chemicals, 5 were tested with concordant results in all laboratories, while 3 were classified discordantly, leading to a between-laboratory reproducibility of 62.5%.
Having discovered that Raimi's original ending for the film (which was changed when the studio requested a more upbeat conclusion) resembles Twain's penultimate Sand-Belt scene with its discordantly dark tone and its cave setting, Entzminger suggests that both works reflect fin de siecle anxieties about the impact of new technologies in a rapidly changing world.
Perhaps more robust deglycosylation explains why some patients such as those with renal failure have discordantly high values for NT-proBNP.
Most existing SV callers are classified into four categories [8] : (1) discordantly mapping read pairs (i.e., two reads in a pair cross the SV region, and the distance between them is inconsistent with the insert size); (2) split reads: split reads are subdivided into soft-clip reads (i.e., one of the paired reads is partially mapped) and one-end-anchored reads (i.e., one of the paired reads is unmapped); (3) read depth (i.e., the number of reads covering a region); (4) local contig assembly (i.e., assemble reads to form longer consensus sequences, which are called contigs, and then remap them to the reference genome).
discordantly life, life, life, without measure, without stop devouring
Job incumbents may regard the required quality and amount of work discordantly (Lazaroiu, 2015), and may envision distinct expectations.
It pivots on the question of how smoothly (or discordantly) a claim it fits (or clashes) with the tenor of the rest of what we know or accept.
The resulting compositions are filled with discontinuities and interruptions--a collage-like space of booth, corridor, wall, work of art, dealer, collector, visitor, reflection--images of privilege and wealth (discordantly countering those of homeless misery) punctuated by depictions of trophy works by Roy Lichtenstein, Tom Wesselmann, Chuck Close, even Fischl himself.