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Synonyms for discordant

Synonyms for discordant

devoid of harmony and accord

made up of parts or qualities that are disparate or otherwise markedly lacking in consistency

characterized by unpleasant discordance of sound

Synonyms for discordant

not in agreement or harmony


lacking in harmony

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'If they do not affect the credibility of the elections and alter the result thereof, while those responsible for the undemocratic methods will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, the result of the plebiscite must be upheld despite discordant voices,' he added.
The following were found among the discordant screens identified in 2017:
The rates of disclosure were 81.3% in male HIV-positive and 80.2% in female HIV-positive discordant couples.
When the forced encounters were excluded, the risk was still heightened - the discordant students were 60 percent more likely to consider or attempt suicide.
The controversy and outbursts over the Indian film 'Padmaavat' are discordant and disruptive.
Cocirculation serum factors from Houston site study participants with serially discordant ("flip-flop") QFT results were analyzed using a 39-multiplex (39-plex) Luminex-based assay.
Infosys non-executive chairman Nandan Nilekani + said on Friday he will focus on bringing in stability and ensuring there are no "discordant" voices at the country's second-largest IT firm.
Based on this study, for discordant couples in which the man is treated with HAART, the postulated risk for transmission to a female partner during condomless intercourse would be 0.32 per 10,000 exposures (95% CI = 0.06-1.7) (10).
To compare the utility of these risk markers, we recently observed that when LDLc is discordant with (that is, in disagreement with) either nonHDLc, apo B, or LDLp in women, risk tracked more closely with the latter 3 markers than it did with LDLc (14).
A useful alternative approach to examine this issue is to compare monozygotic twins concordant and discordant for schizophrenia with healthy twin pairs.
Discordant complete atrioventricular block, which is more frequently defined in the literature as an autoimmune mechanism, is much more rare in monozygotic twins.
Discordant sib pair (DSP) model is one application of single SNP models in association mapping (Boehnke and Langefeld, 1998).
Among 4,145 slides in five datasets, only 28 were discordant. The concordance of surgeons' and dermatopathologists' assessments was quite consistent, ranging from 95% to 99.7%.
Methods: One Chinese family with a monozygotic (MZ) twin pair discordant for SCZ was included.