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Synonyms for discontinuity

lack of unity

Synonyms for discontinuity

Antonyms for discontinuity

lack of connection or continuity

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Parametric regression discontinuity models were fit using the system-fit package and ivreg package, while nonparametric models were fit using the rdd package.
This difference was also significant when patients with OC lesions were divided into 2subgroups; both patients with fixed ossicles (fixation group, n=16, preoperative ABG=28.4 dB) and patients with OC discontinuity alone or combined with fixation (discontinuity group, n=24, preoperative ABG=34.7 dB) were found to have a greater preoperative ABG (p<0.01) than those with CSOM cases with intact OC (22.1 dB), also indicating the proper diagnosis of ossicular fixation.
It is necessary to investigate the characteristic impedance and W/H ratio to minimize the losses in the microstrip discontinuity t-line.
This places the discontinuity exactly halfway between the age profiles on either side.
The rock has two discontinuity sets, one of which is the bedding plane.
(a) It is relevant because many urbanised areas in the real world are separated by a discontinuity, and traditional and consolidated models cannot be directly applied to design and planning.
Likewise, the discontinuity path obtained with mesh 3 is almost equal to the experimental result, except for the zigzag line associated with the size of the orientation of the finite elements sides.
where, SMR is Slope Mass Rating, [RMR.sub.basic] is basic Rock Mass Rating, [F.sub.1] is difference between slope face and critical discontinuity strike, [F.sub.2] is discontinuity dip angle, [F.sub.3] is difference between the slope face angle and the dip of critical discontinuity and [F.sub.4] is method of excavation.
2011 and Aksoy and Ercanoglu 2007).Kinematic analysis of rock slopes is purely a geometric technique which utilizes angular relationships between slope surfaces and discontinuity planes through their stereographic projections.
A compressed tampon corn prising: a pledget comprising a First absorbent material, a second absorbent material, and at least one physical discontinuity in the form of a slit, slot, or notch, wherein the at least one physical discontinuity originates on a side edge of the pledget and extends towards an opposing side edge of the pledget to define a partially isolated first portion and second portion., and wherein the slit, slot, or notch physically severs at least one of the first absorbent material and the second absorbent material, and wherein the first absorbent material is different from the second absorbent material; a withdrawal end and an insertion end; and a longitudinal axis.
A disadvantage of the application of these solutions to the process of extrusion is that they do not account for the power dissipation at velocity discontinuity surfaces.
Randomized controlled trials (RCTs) and regression discontinuity (RD) studies both provide estimates of causal effects.
Classically, when analyzing cascaded discontinuities, the S matrix of each discontinuity is determined in advance.
Speaking informally, it is a kind of discontinuity, on which at least one of the state variables may develop an extreme concentration in the form of a Dirac delta function with the discontinuity as its support.
The related component is magnetized to a level at which the presence of a significant local reduction in material thickness causes sufficient distortion of the internal magnetic field to allow flux lines to break the test surface at the site of the discontinuity. The applications of magnetic flux leakage (MFL) method and suitable sensors are used to give an electrical signal at the leakage site.