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Synonyms for discontinuity

lack of unity

Synonyms for discontinuity

Antonyms for discontinuity

lack of connection or continuity

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In all cases we have used a sequence of alumina-air-alumina discontinuities in the channel as periodical parameter, as shown in Figure 8.
Since technological discontinuities dramatically change the industry in which they occur, their impact on mature organizations is profound.
A defect, according to AWS (American Welding Society), is a discontinuity or discontinuities, which by nature or accumulated effect (e.g.
3-D discontinuities. Via transitions, connectors and IC package pins create 3- D discontinuities that only can be modeled by 3-D electromagnetic simulators (e.g., Agilent Momentum, Ansoft HFSS, CST Microwave Studio, Cray-LC).
We wish to avoid filtering that causes "blurring" near the discontinuities and destroys the finer features of the solution.
Read this book only if you would like to avoid being surprised by tomorrow's predictable discontinuities.
Figure 8 illustrates the situation with two discontinuities,
Minimizing the impedance discontinuities is more often than not an issue of optimized design.
"The question of discontinuities in meteorological data has not gone away.
"Tread discontinuities as a source of tire vibration/noise-transient dynamics of a rolling tire," H.H.
For example, Kottler (13) regarded Kirchhoff's integral as the rigorous solution of a "saltus" problem in which the wave function U has prescribed discontinuities rather than boundary values at the aperture screen.
Given that the rules of many aspects of our lives are quickly changing, it's appropriate that we take a deeper look into the changes, discontinuities, and disruptions that are underway in the IT and storage networking industry.
"You see distortions and discontinuities in pictures that are difficult to explain unless optics were used," he says.
Each work consists of a combination of the hard edges of the slats and stripes of intervening wall and a painterly surface, generating a strangely cohesive whole from the repetition of breaks and discontinuities in color, surface, and space, with the wall becoming as important as the slats.
Discontinuities: New Essays on Renaissance Literature and Criticism.