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Synonyms for discontentedness

a longing for something better than the present situation

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She's vocal about her dislikes and her discontentedness. As a parent, often the only recourse during the mind-numbing early years is to "out-stubborn" your kids.
Unhappiness, discontentedness, pessimism, vulnerability are observed as a result of continued anxiety.
Argument itself becomes the topic of Mailer's discontentedness in the chapter knowingly entitled Why Are We in Vietnam?
Tensas recounts his experiences in town as well as in the swamp retrospectively, and through him, as Martin astutely points out, Lewis discloses and deconstructs the "dichotomization of class, race, and gender [, showing them to be] misleading and fraught with inaccuracies, and further that cultural romanticism leads to discontentedness with reality, which fosters unrealistic notions and goals" (78).
Similar to Sartre's existential nausea, a nagging discontentedness tainted my everyday functions and interactions.
Indeed, for Whitman, listening to the animals reveals the unhappiness and discontentedness of modern humanity.