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Synonyms for discontented

Synonyms for discontented

showing or experiencing dissatisfaction or restless longing


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Such visits would make my father look very discontented, and seem out of temper.
Every day he grew more morose and discontented and irritable; every day his character kept changing for the worse.
But has she made you any less discontented with me?
The millions of the discontented and the impoverished are ours," the socialists said.
About this time there drove up to an exceedingly snug and well- appointed house in Park Lane, a travelling chariot with a lozenge on the panels, a discontented female in a green veil and crimped curls on the rumble, and a large and confidential man on the box.
He found Miss Crawley's maid (the discontented female) unusually sulky and despondent; he found Miss Briggs, her dame de compagnie, in tears alone in the drawing-room.
Miss Briggs was not formally dismissed, but her place as companion was a sinecure and a derision; and her company was the fat spaniel in the drawing-room, or occasionally the discontented Firkin in the housekeeper's closet.
Soon after the marriage of the young people, the worthy doctor returned to Chertsey, where, bereft of the presence of his old friends, he would have been discontented if his temperament had admitted of such a feeling; and would have turned quite peevish if he had known how.
Often, when I have been angry and discontented, it has seemed to me that I was not bound to give up anything; and I have gone on thinking till it has seemed to me that I could think away all my duty.
I've been a great deal happier," she said at last, timidly, "since I have given up thinking about what is easy and pleasant, and being discontented because I couldn't have my own will.
Addressed to new mothers, The Discontented Little Baby Book draws on detailed case studies and a wide range of research to recommend and explain the "cued care" approach to managing babies with cry-fuss problems that extend beyond the first 16 weeks of life.
Or thinking of things that others possess, Feel envious of them and discontented I guess.
Tied as it is to capitalism, labour, innovation, and profit, the hikikomori is indeed an effect of global economic forces: the discontented underbelly of those forces making its presence felt in increasingly larger scale.
5 million people in that age group are discontented, while fewer than 40% feel completely happy with life, compared to an average of 48%.
ISLAMABAD, February 06, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Former Prime Minister, Mir Zafar Ullah Jamali, has recommended to President Zardari to hold personal meeting with discontented elements of Balochistan.