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power supply was also disconnected to Pagima,Gadimissen, from 10
Power supply was also disconnected to Yasin Wala of 11 KV Landi Wa-1,2 feeders for non-payment of Rs 1,757,280 while power supply was also disconnected to Pagima, Gadimissen, from 10 transformers due to non-payment of Rs 996,345, power supply disconnected to Multani Mangi from 2 transformers due to non-payment of Rs 647,000.
Orange came in second place with 5,679 attempts, of which only one attempt was disconnected, according to NTRA's report.
Similarly, 34 connections of TMA Bannu were disconnected due to nonpayment of Rs 3.
Whether it is a push-to-connect or twist-lock type of coupling, the valves need to reliably close when disconnected, even after a few months, or years.
I spoke to Dewa and they said the water was disconnected due to non-payment.
Broadening or deepening local cross-system collaborations to be more effective in reaching a larger number of disconnected youth;
But all the big six suppliers - apart from British Gas - disconnected more customers in the first nine months of last year than in the whole of 2006.
All the energy firms disconnected 10 or less electricity customers per 100,000 in 2006, except British Gas which disconnected none.
In some forces, if a hoax call is made from a mobile phone, a message is automatically sent to that phone warning the caller that if another hoax call is made, the phone will be disconnected.
There were no references made to the nose landing gear push-pull rod being disconnected for aircraft jacking.
Once disconnected, the can is automatically sealed to prevent spills, and the easy carry handle facilitates transfer of the contents to disposal station.
The piece is about the act of physically putting disconnected things--including the subject matter--back together," Agnew tells The Progressive.
Roaming between connected and disconnected modes causes cryptic error messages, exposing connectivity transitions and interrupting use.
The car could be involved in an accident when a larger child or adult is a front-seat passenger which could put them at risk if the airbag has been disconnected.