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Synonyms for disconcerting

Synonyms for disconcerting

causing an emotional disturbance


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Pitching the ball consistently outside the channel of uncertainty -- slightly outside the off- stump -- he kept extracting disconcerting bounce.
The combination of drinks, fine food (which includes 'Satchmo Sizzlin Chicken' and 'Me Julie Chicken') and soft jazz all sounds very nice - until you find that the music will be provided by a band of 'disconcerting' musos.
Limmy's direct-to-camera interruptions are disconcerting, but awesome.
Even with the wheelchair securely fastened and with careful driving in the main it is still disconcerting and uncomfortable travelling along roads that have traffic calming measures (humps).
It's frankly disconcerting to see the editor of "The News In Brief" take such a negative view of the war in Iraq and its critical implication in the war on world Islamist terrorism--one only the U.S.
Perhaps the most disconcerting news is that 155 representatives voted against the measure.
Whether it was or not, the rudeness that greeted Paul Hodes when he assumed he could voice his opinion on the upcoming election of the party's new chairman was disconcerting at best.
The SAMJ has previously carried a disconcerting message about the high prevalence of HIV/AIDS among health care workers in South Africa (2004; 98: 846-850).
Especially when you consider that the human body has harmonics and resonances it finds pleasing, others it finds disconcerting, and still more that fall under a number of descriptors ranging from "great" to "awful." Take, for example, the case of one major OEM that discovered youngsters riding in the third row seats of its minivans were prone to nausea and vomiting while those in the other rows felt no similar peristaltic urges.
It was disconcerting to find that when money is on the table everybody fights harder to get the piece of it."
While hundreds of billions of dollars in war funding have flowed its way, it is disconcerting to many that the Army ran out of money this summer and had to shut down mess halls and was late paying utility bills.
Datz brings to life the morbid fascination Ivy has with both the curse and the practice of taxidermy as a way to keep alive the unconditional and disconcerting love she has for her mother.
Combine these disconcerting trends with the loss of regular physical education programs in public schools and you have a recipe, so to speak, for an obesity epidemic among the nation's youth.
The new findings are "illuminating and disconcerting," says psychiatrist David R.
Unlike the politically oriented artist collective Bernadette Corporation, in whose work an editorial voice is easy to locate, Meckseper's image-vacuum made for a far more disconcerting experience.