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Synonyms for disconcerted

Synonyms for disconcerted

having self-possession upset

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Anna was disconcerted by the intent look of inquiry Dolly fixed upon her.
It seemed to Pierre that even the prince was disconcerted. The sight of the discomposure of that old man of the world touched Pierre: he looked at Helene and she too seemed disconcerted, and her look seemed to say: "Well, it is your own fault."
Helen began some laughing reply, and then disconcerted them all by blushing.
KHAIRPUR -- SEPCO disconcerted electricity supply to 50 houses in Khairpur city on Saturday for non-payments of bills.
'We're disconcerted how the medical record of Yoo was revealed.'
As the waves crashed against the rocks, I was also reminded of this poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson, a man who respected nature in a way we perhaps do not: "The water understands Civilization well; It wets my foot, but prettily, It chills my life, but wittily, It is not disconcerted, It is not broken-hearted: Well used, it decketh joy, Adorneth, doubleth joy: Ill used, it will destroy, In perfect time and measure With a face of golden pleasure Elegantly destroy."
With a creative energy that defied odds and disconcerted less dedicated coworkers, Gruwell pushed aside the standard curriculum, took up the theme of "tolerance" and set the students to keeping diaries and learning about other teenagers who refused to succumb to the hate everywhere around them.
The adorable couple next to me and their equally adorable daughter looked disconcerted at my ungraceful maneuvering around their seats.