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Synonyms for discomposure

Synonyms for discomposure

anxious embarrassment

a temperament that is perturbed and lacking in composure

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Woolf's description of Orlando's "unsexing" is worth quoting for the delightfully anti-Freudian implications noted by critics such as Lawrence and, before her, Elizabeth Abel: "Orlando looked himself up and down in a long looking-glass, without showing any signs of discomposure, and went, presumably, to his bath" (Orlando 138).
I have no idea how many of my fellow countrymen and women felt the same sense of small discomposure on first hearing the news of her admission to hospital.
Their discomposure is subtler -- they are bewildered, aching, and hesitant.
The poem can't sustain Cole's customary coolness here, and presents an image of profound discomposure, his reduction to animal grief.
Earlier, Sergei's obvious discomposure had given her pleasure, but now his perceived need to pretend and mask his feelings, all of which confirms a loss of control on his part, distresses her.
But when Orlando wakes up, from the narrator's description, she reacts calmly to what happens to her: "Orlando looked himself up and down in a long looking-glass, without showing any signs of discomposure, and went, presumably, to his bath....
I would place special emphasis on the term's philosophy implications, given Teresa's sagacious discernment of the protagonist's discomposure. (16) In this capacity, Teresa functions as the poet's second doppelganger, an externalized foil to the protagonist's interior voice, which has been to this point in the narrative the primary double.
Not that I am recommending such discomposure for students, but the point is that the feeling and the knowledge stuck.
As she observes his mounting discomposure to the extent that he is unable to hold her gaze, Leticia uncertainly points to "lo otro, lo horrible, lo indefinible" (504), once again suggesting something that is unspeakable, nameless, indefinable, and which evokes the notion of horror.
As Juliana wakes him up to the folly of this and prescribes hiding, Virolet rebukes his own discomposure: "Thou art constant; / I an uncertain foole, a most blinde foole" (I.i.283-84).
A smile creases Red's face as he describes his discomposure at the time: "W.
I can still hear his voice echo the name "Lon-GIN-us" or referring to another thinker as a "cartographer of the Zeitgeist" His books carried titles of power and profundity from Rehearsals for Discomposure through Craters of the Spirit, to The Wild Prayer of Longing.
Her headaches, she believes, are provoked by "Anger, Vexation, Disappointment, or sudden Noise," while her frequent discomposure is the result of "sorrow," "Surprize," and "Mirth." She is not inexplicably weak, but "sensibly touch'd by all that happens." This passage is introduced by pointing to an underlying source of difficulty: the birth of Polytheca's last child, eight years before.
Cuando el personaje se da cuenta del cambio: "Orlando looked himself up and down in a long looking glass, without showing any signs of discomposure, and went, presumably, to his bath (138).
Her flatulent throne may have caused Mrs Storer some discomposure, though the men might counterclaim for loss of entertainment opportunities with their tight sphinctered seating.