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having your composure disturbed

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Just as "commercial bull-fighters" produce waste in the form of "winded and discomposed" bulls, crowds of fly fishermen produce waste in the form of dead and dead, fungus-ridden fish (SAR 105, 134).
Mixed-race populations could appear transgressive and challenging to the existing order, an affront especially to colonial categories; or they might be viewed as needy and discomposed but obliging products of migratory humans--marginal men, as the sociologists came to call them--and thus potentially useful colonial functionaries.
In essential, the explained variable in this model will be discomposed to three parts, cost function, stochastic factors, and technical inefficiency.
So, I was automotively discomposed to see a lowly .45 ACP likened to the Pinnacle of Ponies.
Emily Roysdon's deliciously "discomposed" performance, Uncounted (performance 1-3), 2014, woven through the Performance Days festival in Amsterdam, thrilled the eye and bent the mind with clocks; painted MDF cutouts of wave shapes; handmade costumes; repetitions; and casual, synchronized choreography.
Many years later, she summed up the sad reality: "These ten minutes have discomposed the rest of my life."
The symptoms constitute psychological misorientation because they reflect discomposed correct orientation resulting from Eurasian psycho-cultural hegemony as presented in Baldwin (1980), Eyerman (2001), and Jennings (2003).
Then the signal was discomposed into 5 levels with Haar wavelet transform.
The relationship between Hans and Djuna may present one ideal prototype of heterosexuality in its admixture of love and friendship, passion and comradeship, yet is one lined with the ephemeral gold of Byzantine paintings--easily discomposed at any moment.
In this (BV, [G.sub.p], [L.sup.2]) decomposition, the image f is discomposed into three components, f = u + v + r with u [member of] BV([OMEGA]), v [member of] [G.sub.p]([OMEGA]), and r [member of] [L.sup.2]([OMEGA]).
Cavell's 1967 essay "Music Discomposed" is a perfect
Another work of 1918, The Burning Ghats, an oil painting now in the Maidstone Museum, Kent (see Maidstone Museum 2012), is less effective visually (it strikes me as a weirdly discomposed version of Whistler's Nocturne: Blue and Silver--Battersea Reach in the Freer Gallery), but Goodwin's diary reference to the painting suggests how deeply Benares had insinuated itself into his literal nightmares:
1 (Spring 2010): Cavell's 'Music Discomposed' at 40.