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Synonyms for discomfort

Synonyms for discomfort

the state or quality of being inconvenient

something that causes difficulty, trouble, or lack of ease

to cause inconvenience for

to cause (a person) to be self-consciously distressed

Synonyms for discomfort

an uncomfortable feeling of mental painfulness or distress

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He stretched out his great hand and patted his companion on the back - a proceeding which obviously caused him much discomfort.
But I cut short his appeal, and repulsed him so determinately, so decidedly, and with such a mixture of scornful indignation, tempered with cool, dispassionate sorrow and pity for his benighted mind, that he withdrew, astonished, mortified, and discomforted; and, a few days after, I heard that he had departed for London.
Hilbery was impervious to their discomfort, or chose to ignore it, or thought it high time that the subject was changed, for she did nothing but talk about Shakespeare's tomb.
Moreover, they were experienced travelers and had learned not to fret over inconveniences and discomforts. the Ind- ians ate by themselves, two acting as servants to Jacinto and the professor's party.
UK publishing house Faber & Faber revealed on Friday that it has acquired World English rights to publish a Dutch best selling novel by Marieke Lucas Rijneveld, titled The Discomfort of the Evening.
Researchers at Edinburgh University recorded the health states of more than 2,000 people on waiting lists and found 19% were in extreme pain or discomfort.
-- Theraworx Relief Joint Discomfort and Inflammation from Avadim Health Inc.
The trial met its primary multi-component endpoint and demonstrated that linaclotide improved the overall abdominal symptoms of bloating, pain and discomfort in adult IBS-C patients compared to placebo.
Research has shown that approximately 95 percent of adults with IBS-C experience bothersome abdominal bloating, pain, and/or discomfort, with the majority experiencing these symptoms once a week or more.
Summary: Barcelona [Spain], May 23 (ANI): Barcelona goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen has been ruled out of the Copa del Rey final as he 'has discomfort in his right knee' and will continue to receive treatment.
The rate of patient adherence to colonoscopy procedures performed with gas insufflation is lower than expected due to the discomfort caused by pain, occurrence of complications, or unpleasant experiences faced during pre-colonoscopic preparation of the intestine (1).
In fact, the American Heart Association notes that many heart attacks begin slowly with mild pain or discomfort. By paying attention to their bodies and learning to recognize these warning signs, men and women may be able to get help before heart attacks claim their lives.
The porous nature of this supplement makes it absorb toxins, helping ease digestion discomfort, flatulence and even hangovers.
Tyne and Fear was one of five European teams at the Worlds - the others Southern Discomfort (London), Manchester Roller Derby, Toulouse Roller Derby and Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder.
LePage is resting comfortably at Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor after experiencing discomfort on Saturday while visiting family in New Brunswick.