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Synonyms for discombobulation

Synonyms for discombobulation

a feeling of embarrassment that leaves you confused


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Rather than place all hope in a leader only to suffer discombobulation and disintegration when that leader is assassinated or expires, the Gods each constitute his own leader, her own God.
The readerly discombobulation imagined, rightly, in this opening gesture is due in large part to the significant difference in editorial philosophy between this edition and its many predecessors, a difference that is usefully explored by Meynard, Jacquelot, and Corredor in a thoughtful introduction.
And although this may surprise some of you, I have always managed to find gainful employment in my chosen field - gender discombobulation.
Ivan is a neighbor who has taken up holiday residence with the Harkin brothers, and Brady quite amusingly replicates the hazy discombobulation that comes with a drinking lifestyle, unable to finish his sentences, and changing direction mid-stride.
It spins both clockwise and counter-clockwise, conveying the discombobulation of the onscreen bodies.
The good news is that recovery is often simple and straightforward and as soon as the tourists return home, they find themselves relieved of their temporary tourist discombobulation.
However this can take up to one day for every hour the clock is shifted, resulting in several days of fatigue and discombobulation.
It's the story of a family that tries to bring normalcy to their lives while dealing every day with almost unspeakable discombobulation, brought on by Mom (Shannon McMillan), who is bipolar, delusional and paranoid (and schizophrenic?
Here the weakness of the right, its moral and political discombobulation, its alienation from its own traditions, is written out of the story in favor of blowing out of all proportion the bogeyman of cultural Marxism.
In her discombobulation, she couldn't recall where Sadie Petty stored the trash bags, so she removed the half-filled bag from the wastebasket and stalked back up to Blackmon's room.
Both positions line up alongside a somewhat senile cretinisation that would merely gawk at the discombobulation of very late capitalism, continually checking to see if it has its bus-pass, if its papers are in order, if it has not lost its keys or left the gas on--there is a suggestion in all this that the mode of production now passing is a permanent state of decay in those that would hang on for grim death should be prised off the handle--or steering wheel, rudder, or anchor?
I can pay off my debts," said Imus, who admits to a touch of discombobulation over the sudden success.
The bulbs flashed, he smiled, his ghastly wife was rude to the Queen a few weeks later, and that set the tone for Blair's 13 years in power: 13 years that changed Britain forever, with bad manners, violence, lack of decorum, familiarity, homage to cheap celebrity, hate of tradition, denial of history, reverence for the rich, and a moral discombobulation becoming the norm.
The more schools you represent the more deadlines, responsibilities, and events--and if you are not organized you can quickly find chaos, panic, and discombobulation surrounding you.
Ergonomically, the placement of the microUSB slot on the bottom is not ideal, as the handsfree wire sprouting out from there when in use can cause some weird entanglements and discombobulation.