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Miraa chewers in Meru county are displeased with a KDF officer's warning that chewing the substance leaves teeth discoloured.
He cited low academic qualifications and discoloured teeth, caused by chewing miraa, as the main reasons why many failed to qualify.
I have recently noticed it's become discoloured in the area where shower water hits it.
The area where the water from the shower hits the wet wall appears to be discoloured, and the lustre it once had is gone.
Staff at East Midlands Airport are attempting to reunite the strange possessions - including a discoloured false tooth - with their owners.
An Anglian Water spokesman said: "Our engineers and scientists painstakingly worked to identified the source of the discoloured water by placing white rags and tracing equipment into a nearby surface water drain.
Other homes were left without a water supply, or with discoloured water and low pressure.
London, Oct 19 ( ANI ): 'Top Gear' presenter Jeremy Clarkson has been voted as having the worst celebrity teeth in the UK, after a poll was carried out to discover which famous face had the most discoloured teeth.
A"CATASTROPHIC" burst pipe saw a company fined pounds 22,500 after it supplied discoloured water to homes.
Emtrix is a prescription-free, topical solution for the treatment of discoloured and damaged nails caused by nail fungus (onychomycosis) or nail psoriasis.
PROBLEMS with discoloured tap water are persisting in parts of Wales despite an overall drop in the number of complaints, a report found yesterday.
They were discoloured and crooked and really affected my confidence, so much so that I would smile with my mouth closed.
It appears that some of these coins, while in storage, over time discoloured slightly from lack of use and the Reserve Bank has now received three reports of people confusing these cupro-nickel coins for two dollar aluminium-bronze coins.
Dr Gray said there had been three incidents of discoloured water during the last year.
Campbell is being made to train on his own and his wife has flown home to England after Trabzonspor president Mehmet Ali Yilmaz called him a cannibal and discoloured.