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They could be affected by a loss of normal water supply, low water pressure or discoloured water or a combination of these.
Living on our skin are literally millions of micro-organisms, which no amount of antiseptic soap can clear, and nor Fungal nail are never you, but nails crumbly, thick discoloured.
I have learnt that unfortunately many of our good recruits have discoloured teeth and have to be dropped,' Aruasa said.
"We still have more than 217,000 bags of maize imported by firms from Mexico in our stores but unfortunately the millers are reluctant to buy them," said Titus Maiyo, NCPB corporate affairs manager.The revelation comes after the Kenya Bureau of Standards (Kebs) confirmed that 60 per cent of maize in the NCPB store estimated at Sh7.6 billion is discoloured and contaminated and unfit for human consumption.
But we started noticing that the water became heavily discoloured during the hot and dry season, and that didn't make sense,' he told reporters after taking them on a site visit today.
Welsh Water told residents to expect low pressure and discoloured water as emergency services tackled the blaze.
After using nail polish on my toes for weeks, I clean them and sometimes, my nails become discoloured. I'm a little scared and confused.
I have recently noticed it's become discoloured in the area where shower water hits it.
The area where the water from the shower hits the wet wall appears to be discoloured, and the lustre it once had is gone.
Staff at East Midlands Airport are attempting to reunite the strange possessions - including a discoloured false tooth - with their owners.
An Anglian Water spokesman said: "Our engineers and scientists painstakingly worked to identified the source of the discoloured water by placing white rags and tracing equipment into a nearby surface water drain.
The firm says that over a period of time, harmless sediment can build up on the inside of water mains and may result in customers receiving discoloured water.
Other homes were left without a water supply, or with discoloured water and low pressure.
London, Oct 19 ( ANI ): 'Top Gear' presenter Jeremy Clarkson has been voted as having the worst celebrity teeth in the UK, after a poll was carried out to discover which famous face had the most discoloured teeth.
A"CATASTROPHIC" burst pipe saw a company fined pounds 22,500 after it supplied discoloured water to homes.