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Synonyms for discolouration

the act of changing the natural color of something by making it duller or dingier or unnatural or faded

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PS9, www.harveynichols.com CHARCOAL BLACK IS WHITE TOOTHPASTE: Removes discolouration using activated carbon without abrading and bleaching.
Tetracyclines can be divided into two groups based on their propensity to cause discolouration of teeth from systemic use, namely, those that cause severe tooth discolouration (e.g., demeclocycline and tetracycline hydrochloride) and those that cause little discolouration (e.g., oxytetracycline and methacycline).
Some of the parameters addressed were moisture content levels, discolouration of grains and aflatoxin.
The discolouration efficiency was determined by the difference between concentration before and after the experiment.
Behr, "Discolouration of orthodontic adhesives caused by food dyes and ultraviolet light," European Journal of Orthodontics, vol.
whitening may camouflage the discolouration but may cause more sensitivity *Decay can be treated by fillings/inlays/crowns
Short title: Wood discolouration in northern red oak trees subject to artificial pruning
However, the director of the clinic then came forward to insist the "discolouration" was normal, and may last months.
Propofol is an anaesthetic agent, excreted in the urine as phenol derivatives which can cause a green urine discolouration (1).
Tooth discolouration is classified as either intrinsic or extrinsic.
In a recent case, a 12-yearold boy developed a spongelike discolouration on his thigh after playing video games for a few hours each day for several months.
Swiss researchers highlighted the case of a 12-year-old boy who developed a sponge-patterned skin discolouration on his left thigh after playing computer games for a few hours every day for several months.
I READ in the Chronicle, Sept 14, MP Kevan Jones wanting more and more compensation for the miners' lung diseases and a little bit of discolouration to one of their little pinkies.
For most stainless steel and titanium welding applications, it is paramount to prevent any oxidation or discolouration from forming on or adjacent to the weld.