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Synonyms for discoloration

Synonyms for discoloration

the act of changing the natural color of something by making it duller or dingier or unnatural or faded

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In this testing procedure, aminic antioxidants always indicate a better performance, due to their ability to protect rubber against high temperature, with all disadvantages like extractability, discoloration and toxicological question.
Proper UV stabilization can be effective in reducing the extent of discoloration of TPUs during accelerated weathering exposure.
will solve the discoloration problem and make the Kingdome a shining gateway to downtown Seattle.
Q: Is the greenish discoloration on the yolk of a hard-cooked egg harmful?
SE525 (bis-maleimide) is a solid monomer that is said to virtually eliminate discoloration and staining.
It can cause quick fading and discoloration, as well as weakening of the paper's fibers.
53 per share due to costs associated with the discoloration of a limited portion of its Residential Inlaid Color Sheet Flooring product lines.
Another LDEF experiment shows discoloration around high-voltage leads.
Irgaguard antimicrobials can inhibit the growth of certain microorganisms, such as fungus, bacteria, algae, mold and mildew, which can cause deterioration, unpleasant odor formation and discoloration in elastomers and rubber applications, to protect the finished product, Irgaguard A is said to be an effective algaecide to inhibit growth of algae and moss on treated articles in certain rubber applications such as roofing, camping accessories and SBS modified asphalt shingles.
A month later, Park was found in his bed face down, entangled in the vest with a ``visible bluish discoloration to the skin due to lack of oxygen.
falciparum avoids that fate by converting heme into a nontoxic pigment called hemozoin, which causes the brown discoloration of the liver, spleen and brain in people with severe malarial infection.
The PES grade's clarity is enhanced by novel uv stabilizers that support a 30-year guarantee against discoloration and heat aging.
Age Intervention Transitions' unique formula resolves or minimizes acne breakouts while dramatically improving the appearance of follicle size, fine lines, rough facial texture and that nasty leftover acne discoloration.
Discoloration of the severed cord also suggests an electrical malfunction.
Benefits from the use of RC-30 WB are said to include easy release, no post-finishing problems, low mold buildup or discoloration, as well as a high temperature capability of 500[degrees]F.