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Synonyms for discoloration

Synonyms for discoloration

the act of changing the natural color of something by making it duller or dingier or unnatural or faded

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Evaluating polymer discoloration is typically based on subjective perceptions.
It is usually due to discoloration of grain, whole panicle, distinct lesions, panicle blight, brown/black spots on grain, discoloration of florets and a number of viral/bacterial/fungal agents that are responsible for developing the disease (LSU Agricultural Center, 1987; Groth et al.
Brown or black discoloration is mostly localized closely to gingival margin (Figs.
After 60 min treatment, the absorbance peaks in the visible region gradually decreased indicating discoloration.
The discoloration is the natural result of recent work stirring up the system.
There are several studies on discoloration of the composite resins [2,3,5], but the enamel color changes due to etching process itself have not been investigated.
Key Words: Devitalized tooth, Tooth discoloration, Bleaching agents, Tooth bleaching techniques
The scientists believe that TACT could be used to analyze the color of fresh crops and to evaluate the discoloration of products after they have been processed or cooked.
This process requires the use of large amounts of white rubber to prevent discoloration and to also maintain durability.
These tetracyclines during odontogenesis causes unsightly discoloration of both primary and secondary dentitions.
This lack of fluorescence often produces an uneven skin tone, discoloration and an overall unhealthy appearance.
1]spot 2, discoloration <Will this stain wash out?
The silanebased technology is said to be more cost-effective and faster-acting than silver-based additives, without discoloration.
If tap water is used during the process, the water may have sediment that causes discoloration.
Rewetted, untreated wood was readily colonized by fungi, while the treated boards experienced much lower levels of discoloration.