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Synonyms for disclaim

Synonyms for disclaim

to refuse to recognize or acknowledge

Antonyms for disclaim

renounce a legal claim or title to

make a disclaimer about

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Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan is making delusional statements in order to disclaim responsibility, Azerbaijani MP Elman Mammadov told Trend June 11.
Situation 1: The spouse Serving as attorney-in-fact, disclaims a specified amount the spouse's son exercised his of the IRA account balance power to disclaim on behalf of along with its associated the spouse.
Here, the subject policy was issued in 2004, and therefore, is not governed by the 2008 Amendment to Insurance Law [section] 3420 (for policies issued after January 17, 2009), which provides that an insurer can only disclaim coverage based on untimely notice if it shows that it was prejudiced by the failure to provide timely notice (see Insurance Law [section] 3420[c] [2] [A]; see also Zimmerman v Peerless Ins.
So also, a donee or a trust beneficiary, though entitled to ownership of an interest in property, may nevertheless choose to renounce or disclaim that property interest.
The statement underlined the Syrian government's responsibility in guaranteeing secure and safe conditions for UN workers, which is a duty that Syrian authorities cannot disclaim, noting that the Italian government expects such conduct and expressing hope that the incident will never be repeated again.
Mr Jones said: "Stephen Hunt's trustee in bankruptcy, RPG, is seeking to disclaim Colwyn Bay pier as an onerous asset.
Who was the first peer to disclaim his title little ducks'?
The NFL has filed charges that the NFLPA has conducted unfair labor practices (see the complete text (http://bizoffootball.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=756:complete-text-of-nfl-charges-against-nflpa-for-unfair-labor-practices&catid=34:nfl-news&Itemid=53)), and due to that, reports have said, the NFLPA must disclaim interest over decertification as the claim filed by the NFL is a "blocking charge".
Following the 1963 Peerage Act, who was the first peer to disclaim his title?
I HAVE little time for extremism in any shape or form, but I also get fed up with the sanctimonious twaddle from politicians like Jack Straw, who seemingly disclaim any responsibility for the growth of right-wing parties.
Those of us who have taken the humanist view have often been regarded with disclaim, but we have never burnt anyone at the stake, blown anyone to pieces or carried out atrocities to enforce out views.
* Spousal beneficiaries may wish to disclaim assets in order to let property pass to a contingent beneficiary, in most cases children or grandchildren.
There are avenues of relief against insurance companies that disclaim coverage, but they must be navigated with precision and determination.
The irony is when anyone falls victim to identity thieves, banks are not slow to disclaim any responsibility.
Nonetheless, D&O insurers have asserted the right to disclaim coverage for awards or settlements (and even defense costs) by raising various coverage defenses.