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Synonyms for discipline

Synonyms for discipline

something, such as loss, pain, or confinement, imposed for wrongdoing

an area of academic study that is part of a larger body of learning

to impart knowledge and skill to

to subject (one) to a penalty for a wrong

Synonyms for discipline

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Economics indeed cited other disciplines little in the 1970s and 1980s.
These school site deviations not only undermine Lodis stated educational goal of consistency in discipline practices, but also permit district-wide disparities in discipline practices for African-American students in contrast with white students.
They also believe that no candidate from a minor discipline is likely to win.
Applicable Sanction Violations Levels Traditional All All Discipline Deferred Limited Limited Discipline Reflected as Current In the public current discipline for how long?
Practice the discipline of personal development and continue to grow so you can make a greater contribution.
While listening, I could not help but make continued connections to enterprise risk management (ERM), a decision-making discipline that addresses variation from organizational goals.
They found that parents typically adjust the way they discipline their children in response to their children's growing cognitive abilities, using less physical discipline (spanking, slapping, hitting with an object) over time.
Whether the mayor, City Council and the Police Commission choose silence, or tinker around with a motion on discipline, or dump the problems on the chief, they still evade their responsibility to take forceful action.
It argues for a truly interdisciplinary major that while emerging from Political Science takes advantage of other disciplines, further language training, and study abroad opportunities.
Concerts that introduce other art forms or disciplines can be an innovative way to inspire both audiences and musicians.
The Educator's Guide To Preventing And Solving Discipline Problems
Among the contributors was Theodore Zeldin, professor at Oxford in England, who presented an overview of the advances made within the discipline over the first three quarters of the 20th century--including the following piece of sound advice for aspiring scholars:</p> <pre>
As the World Book Dictionary indicates, a discipline is probably a science if it is any activity that is the product of a prescribed process or working principles gained by education and/or training.
And it is this very combinatorial interpretation that finally marked the birth of this discipline called combinative analysis, much exploited after al-Tusi by mathematicians like al-Farisi and Ibn al-Bannab, among others.
THE whole subject of discipline is one that evokes very strong reactions, depending on whether someone is for or against discipline especially of children.
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