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Synonyms for disciplinarian


Synonyms for disciplinarian

someone who demands exact conformity to rules and forms

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My father served as disciplinarian, and somehow managed to help my mother steer all of us back from the brink.
I resisted being forced into the role of lecturer, disciplinarian, disengaged intellectual.
His mother, a stern disciplinarian with a strong Christian faith, struggled to support the family.
In Discipline and Punish, Foucault famously traces the transitions that he claims to have shaped the penal system and, indeed, whole Western societies during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, contending that "the gloomy festival of punishment" of the seventeenth century - characterized by an excess of violence, by the protracted torture of criminal(ized) bodies, and by the public display of the execution proceedings - was slowly superseded by a disciplinarian practice where the "body as the major target of penal repression disappeared" (8).
Sometimes, neighbors and relatives (and even landladies) provided a safe haven or functioned as a surrogate disciplinarian for older children.
The tale is dispassionately narrated by a traveling anthropologist who visits a penal colony that was formerly led by a sadistic disciplinarian who constructed a torturous apparatus for execution.
Pearl has been in training with Jeannette, London's principal disciplinarian, for three years--24 hours a day.
Slick, operatic and showy Muti still is, but he has become a fastidious disciplinarian, and an expert shaper of orchestral and choral sound.
She is being raised by her abusive father and disciplinarian grandmother, and finds comfort, joy, and strength in music - she is obsessed with Elvis Presley and breaks into his songs whenever the mood strikes.
He can have a laugh and a joke but he can be a disciplinarian, too.
But I swear pretty much everyone else seemed to think that taking the armband off Terry was a swell idea from our iron-man disciplinarian.
Roythorne, of West Moor, North Tyneside, admitted he was an old-fashioned officer who was a strict disciplinarian who claimed he had a crackdown on lazy colleagues who were not doing their job.
Liberal Chris receives a shock when she exchanges with disciplinarian Tracy, whose family's entire schedule revolves around an Olympic dream for their 11-year-old daughter.
Robert O'Connor believes the strict disciplinarian and his regular use of the cane help propel him to success in the world of work.
Scottish-born Powrie, formerly chief steward in Western Australia, was noted as a firm disciplinarian in Dubai, where he took on the position of director of racing following the departure of chief executive Les Benton.