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having lost your job

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In spite of his denial of having touched a drop, and of his persistent assertion that the revolver had been in his hip pocket and that he had not laid a finger to it, he was discharged from the force.
They contended stubbornly that they had not discharged their rifles at all, but that their rifles had discharged themselves.
Wherever there was a possibility of guns being laid for them unseen, a fresh canister of the black vapour was discharged, and where the guns were openly displayed the Heat-Ray was brought to bear.
The effluent discharge license, Osumo pointed out, stipulates conditions under which treated waste is to be discharged.
Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment is an equipment used for measurement or monitoring the oil content which is discharged when the sea water is discharged from a tanker to clean it after unloading the cargo.
Then, after switching on the discharge thyristor [VT.sub.1], the capacitor C is discharged through the load with the resistance [R.sub.load] and discharge circuit inductance [L.sub.1], which is usually 1-5 [micro]H.
'We need to know the volume of wastewater and the quality of the wastewater being discharged by these establishments,' he said.
Till now, 16 accused have been discharged in the case, which includes DG Vanzara, former DIG, Gujarat ATS; BJP President Amit Shah, who was then Home Minister of Gujarat; and Gulab Chand Kataria, then Home Minister of Rajasthan.
One challenge with using length of stay as a key performance metric is that it's a lagging statistic; it is known only after a patient has been discharged. Other factors--including social determinants of health, availability of post-discharge resources, family support, transportation availability and specific institutional practices--can affect stay lengths as well.
According to the report, 91,764 service members were discharged for misconduct during the 2011-2015 timespan.
MORE than 1,000 elderly people were discharged from North Wales hospitals at night during 2016 - despite guidelines saying it should be avoided where possible.
Frequently discharged with prescriptions for new medications and/or treatments, hospitalized patients may have new physical limitations that must be accommodated in the home environment before discharge.
However, how the concrete made it to the jobsite, navigated the island's rugged terrain and discharged its loads would.