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Synonyms for discharge

Synonyms for discharge

to remove the cargo or load from

to release from military duty

to free from an obligation or duty

to pass or pour out

to carry out the functions, requirements, or terms of

to set right by giving what is due

the act of beginning and carrying through to completion

the act of dismissing or the condition of being dismissed from employment

Synonyms for discharge

the act of venting


Related Words

a substance that is emitted or released

the pouring forth of a fluid

a formal written statement of relinquishment

the act of discharging a gun

Related Words

remove the charge from

go off or discharge


pronounce not guilty of criminal charges

leave or unload

cause to go off

become empty or void of its content

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Instead of using a chronologically inadjustable timeline, the majority created a test to determine if a return filed after the April deadline would be dischargeable.
The latter, initiated at a moment when PSLs were certainly dischargeable in bankruptcy, apparently comprised within their cost a superior risk premium (Nica and Potcovaru, 2015) to reimburse lenders for the unrestricted convenience of the bankruptcy discharge.
Conway then appealed the bankruptcy court's decision that some, but not all, of her student loans were dischargeable to the BAP, seeking to have the remaining student loan debts discharged.
129) Assuming HCCs constitute unsecured bankruptcy claims, they are likely dischargeable unless they qualify for a statutory exception.
The statute also provides that to the extent permitted under federal law, an assignment that complies with the statutory requirements for a valid assignment gives the assignee a first priority claim that is not dischargeable in bankruptcy, against the proceeds received by the applicant (including its estate, trustee, or representative) from the tax credit application that is the subject of the assignment if the assignee has taken the steps needed under state and federal law to perfect a security interest in the assignment.
Student loans are not dischargeable in bankruptcy except in very limited cases.
Since the origin of the modern Bankruptcy Code, (1) when federal student loans were dischargeable in bankruptcy, it has become increasingly more difficult to discharge those loans in any bankruptcy proceeding.
On the theory that mortgage lenders can repossess homes, which retain some market value, but college lenders cannot recoup any part of their bad debts by repossessing diplomas, student loans are not dischargeable in bankruptcy.
And unlike other debt, there's no "fresh start" available, since student loans generally aren't dischargeable under bankruptcy.
178) Among those considered dischargeable are debts accrued from unpaid medical costs, financial company loans, and unsecured debt, including credit card debt.
He also raises concerns that the student loans crisis will cause a recession in America which could possibly be worse than the housing crisis, because unlike home loans, student loans are not dischargeable in bankruptcy and they have exceeded 1 trillion dollars.
For instance, bankruptcy law protects child and parent creditors by providing that domestic support obligations are not dischargeable in bankruptcy.
The bankruptcy court has the power to forgive tax debts in certain instances, and older tax debts are already dischargeable.
Adding to the impending problem is that debts from student loans are not dischargeable in personal bankruptcy proceedings.