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Synonyms for discharge

Synonyms for discharge

to remove the cargo or load from

to release from military duty

to free from an obligation or duty

to pass or pour out

to carry out the functions, requirements, or terms of

to set right by giving what is due

the act of beginning and carrying through to completion

the act of dismissing or the condition of being dismissed from employment

Synonyms for discharge

the act of venting


Related Words

a substance that is emitted or released

the pouring forth of a fluid

a formal written statement of relinquishment

the act of discharging a gun

Related Words

remove the charge from

go off or discharge


pronounce not guilty of criminal charges

leave or unload

cause to go off

become empty or void of its content

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The discharge summary is a very important means to communicate medical (both physical and psychiatric) and nursing interventions to the GP or community mental health team.
Information on all of the patient's prescription and nonprescription medications should be collected from the patient/ caregiver, the discharge summary, prescription bottles, home visits, and pharmacies.
Get copies of investigation reports and discharge summary for own records as the original papers will be kept by the hospital.
Based on service type, the medical transcription services is classified into History and Physical Report (H&P), Discharge Summary (DS), Operative Note or Report (OP), Consultation Report (CONSULTS), Others (Pathology Report (PATH) & Radiology Report (x rays or radiographs)) market.
They didn't admit her or treat her because she was not carrying any reports or the discharge summary.
Until this point, at the time of release, all inmates from the prison system had been given a standard medical discharge summary, including any and all diagnoses, current medications, allergies, and information about possible postrelease appointments.
At "go live" in 2005, just four note templates (nursing status discharge report, patient discharge instructions, physician discharge summary, post-operative anesthesia note were available for use.
Clinical care record (problem list, clinical history) 2010 All 17% 2011 All 24% 2010 Most Wired 30% 2011 Most Wired 41% E-prescribing 2010 All 9% 2011 All 18% 2010 Most Wired 18% 2011 Most Wired 34% Laboratory results 2010 All 22% 2011 All 32% 2010 Most Wired 30% 2011 Most Wired 45% Discharge summary 2010 All 16% 2011 All 26% 2010 Most Wired 26% 2011 Most Wired 42% Source: Hospitals & Health Networks' Most Wired Surveys, 2010 and 2011 Note: Table made from bar graph.
The Jayadeva hospital in its discharge summary also stated that Yeddyurappa, who is a chronic diabetic required consultations from the Institute of Nephrology and Urology, adjacent to the Victoria Hospital.
C's discharge summary includes several new medications the patient was not taking before the hospital admission and contains no mention of a few medications he was taking before the hospitalization.
The discharge summary for the baby indicated hypotonia, birth depression, and acidosis.
In fact, I read his discharge summary from the hospital in July 2009, which declared him "Not expected to live more than one to two weeks.