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Synonyms for planning

Synonyms for planning

an act of formulating a program for a definite course of action

the act or process of drawing up plans or layouts for some project or enterprise

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The nurse placed a paper copy of the discharge planning guide on the bulletin board in the patient's room.
An anonymous home care manager says the heart of improving discharge planning will be persuading hospitals to share information with all of a patient's post-hospital care providers, making sure all providers take responsibility for implementing the discharge plan, and explaining the discharge plan to the patient.
These numbers do not reflect those already engaged in discharge planning services or who have attended a discharge planning orientation class.
Among the many strategies for better discharge planning are programs such as BOOST, developed by the Society of Hospital Medicine, and Project RED, designed by Boston University.
Discharge planning may be perceived by some as the more functional, less rewarding aspect of delivering patient-centred care, but I would challenge this perspective.
Hospital discharge planning is the primary vehicle for managing care transitions from the hospital to the next setting.
It uses utilization management, care facilitation, discharge planning, and clinical integration to effectively manage costs, and optimize patient care services.
Discharge planning guides for select conditions allow care managers to monitor hospital patients at risk for readmission from the moment they arrive at a facility and proactively manage them to help ensure transition to the appropriate care setting at the right time.
Do hospitals that do better on discharge planning measures have lower rates of readmission than facilities that don't do as well?
One of the key elements of care for patients being treated for minor injuries in an ED is discharge planning that incorporates the provision of information to assist with transition home and self-care once discharged.
According to the company, PatientKeeper Sign-Out improves communication between physicians at the transition of care to streamline patient handoff and sign-out and to simplify discharge planning, and provides a standard process as specified by requirement 2E of the Joint Commission 2008 National Patient Safety Goals.
The Guide to Physical Therapist Practice acknowledges that the physical therapist has a role in discharge planning and describes this process.
In Israel, social workers do most of the discharge planning in acute care hospitals, screening for high-risk patients and intervening with those referred by staff members, particularly complex cases.
Towards the end of the document there is a section that introduces a new procedure for councils to consider the information required to discharge planning conditions, and a new fee that must be paid to the council.
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