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distinctness that makes perception easy


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Unfortunately, optimal discernability of such a borderline does not easily correspond to the optimal economic balance between patent protection and freedom of competition.
This problem has in one way or another been raised in most considerations of Badiou's Ethics, (3) and indeed Badiou himself implicitly questions the resource of discernability at the same time as he raises it when he proposes something of an extended ethical maxim in the form of 'keep going even when you have lost the thread, when you no longer feel 'caught up' in the process, when the event itself has become obscure, when its name is lost, or when it seems that it may have named a mistake, if not a simulacrum'.
The higher this S/N value means the greater the discernability of the test method relative to some other method with a lower S/N ratio.
The genre of political prophecy also assumes some fundamental tenets of esoteric thought, such as the role of supernatural inspiration and the reality and discernability of a providential design in history.
H]e voluntarily abandons the existence of artworks as such, and with that, the literal relevance of ever speaking of the perceptual discernability of 'their' properties.
Interactive learning environments to support independent learning: The impact of discernability of embedded support devices.
There might always be, within limits of discernability, two tallest or two oldest, for example, so that neither is really tallest or really oldest.
Normally the S/N sensitivity values should be at least six or higher for a test parameter to have good discernability.