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De acuerdo con las recomendaciones terapeuticas de la Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Discase (GOLD), los broncodilatadores de accion prolongada, como el TIOTROPIO, constituyen la opcion terapeutica de eleccion para el tratamiento del la EPOC.
So there I was, hoping and expecting to bring the glory and genius of Native theatre to America, stopped by a disease I didn't have, a discase that nobody I knew had, by a people that didn't have the disease and knew nobody that had it.
Sex inequalities in ischaemic heart discase in general practice: cross sectional survey.
And more recently, supermarkets have become involved in discase state management programs that help the diabetes patient.
Redness of the skin affects the face, neck, and upper torso, giving distinct evidence of a discase process.
Divesting himself of his magic robe and the superhuman power it represents, he will appear in his former social role ("I will discase me, and myself present / As I was sometime Milan," 5.
A Canadian report found that treatment of immigrants with heart discase emigrating to Canada would cost $23.
Without inquiry about plasmapheresis, an extensive and expensive diagnostic evaluation may ensue, including a search for such conditions as cancer, amyloid discase, parenchymal renal disease, and sprue.
For a person whose discase status is unknown, we can think ofyij as being geribrated by the two-step process of first generating [m.
Globally, resources are exploited and wasted; deaths among infants and the poor from malnutrition and discase are reaching holocaust proportions; the environment is imperilled.
It is also hoped that the new genetic discoveries in familial Alzheimer's discase will lead to the development of blood tests that will greatly facilitate diagnosis.
The heart/blood vessel discase rate was 88% lower with Truvada than with Epzicom.