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But there were others who defended discarnate agency (e.g., Oliver J.
Apparent communication with discarnate entities induced by dimethyltryptamine (DMT).
Encouraged by the success of afterlife experiments with mediums, [9] the multi-specialist professor Gary Schwartz of Arizona University claims to have invented a device to communicate with discarnate spirits; the holy grail of survival research that could possibly offer a fool proof scientific evidence of afterlife existence, [10] but also takes account of all the potential negative consequences.
(3) Fortunately, most people do not see themselves as discarnate souls.
And as we are mediated and remediated electronically, we become disembodied, discarnate messengers traveling at the speed of light.
Because it was an old house, each of the five rooms, the exorcist said, was crowded with spirits, discarnate entities who were stuck.
Today, copies are discarnate, ephemeral, ubiquitous, and of little value in themselves.
Concerning (d), we could contrast the student experience of attending a lecture with that of completing course readings, and in relation to (e), one might refer to the phenomenon of how people become discarnate when they are on radio, or to Marcel Proust's observation that "Reading in its original essence is that fruitful miracle of a communication in the midst of solitude" (Wolf, 2007, p.
whether they extend to such discarnate concerns as power, prestige, and
"I Row-Boat" imagines a near future in which consciousness--animal, vegetable, mineral, and mechanical--has ascended to post-terrestrial constellations of data, though uploading here requires both the downloading of intelligence to non-human entities (so that they too can attain transcendence) and the supplementation of the discarnate noosphere by downtime in non-sentient meat hosts.
The table-tipper of the Midland is a discarnate ghost; it has no physical body, but some of the most frightening ghosts haunting this city are the carnates - ghosts that look as solid and real as you and me.
The words nephesh and ruach (soul and spirit, respectively) were given additional meanings and "could now refer to the discarnate dead as well as to the whole person, life-force, and the breath." Cooper acknowledges that there was some influence of Greek thinking in various strains of intertestamental writings, but he contends, "there is little evidence of the principle antibody, antimaterial bias of Greek idealism or Gnosticism." (11)
In a standard mediumship "reading," a client (or "sitter") asks questions about a friend or relative who has passed away (a "discarnate").
Instead, she eventually proclaimed to have entered into marriage and erotic intercourse with a discarnate entity in the spirit world named Soph--the principal evidence used by her protagonists to prove her alleged insanity.
Blake, it should be remembered, explicitly equated the imaginal world with the eternal, with the space-time the discarnate soul enters after death: "This world of the Imagination is the world of Eternity; it is the divine bosom into which we shall all go after the death of the Vegetated body.