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He added that all the produced items were discarded on the spot.
On the other hand, assistant director food safety Saira Nisar while checking milk carrying vehicles on the Peshawar Motorway toll plaza, discarded more than 500 litres of adulterated milk.
At least 80 kilograms of fruits and vegetables and four packets of substandard sweets were discarded on the occasion.
Besides, a team of PFA raided Ali Spices unit and sealed it for preparing adulterated spices and discarded 1750kg contaminated spices.
The station in Khalidiya Park has 16 different waste chutes where residents can drop materials like plastic, paper, glass, bottles, mobiles electronics, cardboards, discarded food items and cans in different boxes.
Thousands of office chairs go to waste every year and the project could slash the numbers that end up discarded in refuse tips.
"Another blight is the numerous bags of dog faeces discarded on the village's many scenic walks.
By analyzing the data and the reason for the discard, the blood transfusion services can develop plans to improve performance through education and training of staff and introduce new measures in order to minimize the number of discarded blood to a reasonable rate.
A simple protocol was developed to incorporate observers into normal fishing operations onboard charter boats 1) to provide estimates of effort, catch, and discard variables on trips that targeted reef fishes, 2) to characterize changes in fishing behavior and catch for both open and closed seasons for red snapper, and 3) to examine differences in the size and age composition of discarded red snapper for both open- and closed-season trips.
"Whiting is being discarded in alarming quantities in these fisheries," says Bernadette Clarke.
According to them the discarded plastic bags are one of the main environmental pollutants.A A survey shows that in 2010 the average European used 198 plastic bags per year and a total of 8 B were discarded.
The discarded needles which were reported to the council on Monday have since been cleaned away.
The program would be administered by a non-profit group charged with collecting and dismantling discarded mattresses and recycling their materials for use in new products.
European fishing boats have long discarded fish, by some estimates up to a quarter or more of their catch, before entering port to ensure they meet strict EU quotas.