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(computer science) the space available on a magnetic disk

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After a discectomy is performed, the Luna 360 Implant is delivered through a small diameter cannula into the disc space and then expanded with the insertion of a middle section.
Then, HAP experienced database failures when the number of electronic claims exceeded the system's available disc space. "When that happens, the system dies.
Eventually, though, Trim replaced the VERITAS SAN appliance with an IBM Shark, onto which he installed 26 TB of disc space. The Shark had its own console, which allowed Trim's staff to manage the disc space from a central location.
The long-term goal, though, was a tiered storage infrastructure where the IT department could provision disc space according to actual need.
Trim chose VERITAS Command-Central Storage because it was reliable and would integrate with HAP's existing systems, and also because central management could allocate disc space to the high-volume servers that needed it most--those that kept HAP's business processes running.
When the load completes, IT receives a warning message that the disc space threshold has been exceeded and by how much.
CD-A automatically manages disc space when CD-ROMs are placed on the hard drive and when they are removed.
And because it takes up less than a meg of disc space, it can easily fit on a laptop and be taken to the game.
SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: IBM or compatible, 2 MB RAM (4 MB recommended), 1.5 MB disc space, Windows 3.0 or higher (DOS version also available).