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a person who announces and plays popular recorded music

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Another victim, who came to the disc jockey's aid after he was knocked unconscious, was punched and kicked and struck on the head several times with a flashlight, according to police and prosecutors.
Although there are several types of disc jockeys, club DJs who select and play music in nightclubs and at wedding parties or raves are the most common in Kurdistan.
Could not the politics of belonging developed by radio disc jockeys be analyzed as a defense mechanism to deal with the situation of terror in which undocumented workers live?
"A-B had salesmen on the street, and the disc jockeys would travel with the salesmen to different taverns and buy beer for people in the taverns.
Tony Plackbourn was the firrst disc jockey heard on Radio One when it was launched in 1967.
(formerly a radio disc jockey, deputy superintendent of Boston's public school system, an educational consultant, and a frequent contributor to the "New York Review of Books"), An eloquent approach to the politics and historical significance of pop-culture, Boogaloo is an explorative documentation of the what a difference the Afro-American culture had in influencing the movement of America's transitional decades and from which trend to the next.
Joyner does give the reader a deep sense of black history, taking you through his days as a boy in Tuskegee, Alabama, traveling with his family through segregated America, to performing with Lionel Richie before the Commodores' fame, to being a college disc jockey, rising to a professional in small to large markets.
Legendary disc jockey Tony Blackburn was celebrating 40 years in showbusiness today.
The company, whose name is a clever riff that pokes fun at complacency among Japanese youths, was launched 11 years ago by designer, producer, musician and disc jockey Nigo, a self-professed 'Planet of the Apes' fanatic.
The strength of the work is to be found in the comments of the cast of characters who witnessed her performances and in the variety of their responses--from writer Maya Angelou to disc jockey Holmes "Daddy O' Daylie," to critic Leonard Feather.
A burly, pony-tailed Harvard dropout, Jonathan first worked as a disc jockey for college radio stations and a record-store clerk, all the while writing protest songs.
A LEADING commercial radio station was forced to apologise after a disc jockey claimed live on air that Father Christmas did not exist, it emerged yesterday.
Commander Tom Foden, of the Waverley organisation, said: "Apparently there was a bit of a bust-up between the disc jockey and one of the guests.
For the next forty-some years he covered the local scene: He took pictures of steel workers, Negro League baseball players, and neighborhood kids; he made portraits of a coal miner, a female disc jockey, a soda jerk, and a policeman; he photographed visiting leaders like John F.