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a harrow with a series of disks set on edge at an angle


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Disc Harrow penetrates nine to twelve inches deep and also mixes the remains of wheat or fodder crops in soil for its organic enrichment besides germs and bacteria that are helpful in improving soil fertility.
Disc harrows are great for breaking up soil that's been initially turned with a plow.
Large-scale sesame producer usually use disc harrow (no more than 5 cm deep) for plowing, and the disc itself may aggravate the weeds intensity by cutting and dropping here and there, while small scale farmers most probably use oxen drawn "Mahresha" (>10 cm deep) for plowing.
Amazone produces the Catros compact disc harrow with a bogey chassis.
For instance, the reduced workload achieved by an innovative, hydraulic adjusting unit for a disc harrow from the company Herzau + Schmitt from Fulda, Germany, appeared so beneficial that the jury awarded it a silver medal in the category Cultivation and Harvesting Technology.
They said initially the sets - each comprising rotavator, disc harrow, seed drill and chisel plough - had to be provided to farmers on subsidy.
Treatments are involved four tillage ways: conventional tillage (Plow + Disc Harrow + Disk Harrow moldboard)* reduced tillage (Disk Harrow + Disk Harrow)* conservation tillage (Plow Chisel) and no tillage (No Tillage).
The drawbar force necessary to pull the disc harrow was measured using a load cell, manufactured by Kratos[R], model KLC, with a nominal capacity of 50 kN.
They put up money to purchase implements and tools that no single farm needed on a daily or weekly basis, like a disc harrow, a manure spreader, and a trailer to move the tools around on.
By fall I acquired a tractor and disc harrow and planted winter grains on a disked seedbed.
"His size is a big attribute to him around here, when there has been frost about they disc harrow the track and that makes the ground deeper which plays into his hands."
monroetufline.com) * (4) Summit Treestands' Plot-Mule High-Speed Disc Harrow lets you plant twice the number of food plots as conventional ATV disc harrows in half the time because it's designed for high-speed use.
Fertilizer was broadcast prior to seeding at the rate of 150 kg N [ha.sup.-1] and 40 kg P [ha.sup.-1] as urea and triple super phosphate, and incorporated by a disc harrow. Samples were machine seeded in dry soil at the rate of 100 kg [ha.sup.-1] followed by a light, uniform irrigation.
* Treatment 1 (conventional)--fall moldboard plowing to a depth of 15 to 20 cm (6 to 8 in) in November, conventional spring tillage in May consisting of 1 or 2 passes with tandem disc harrow followed by 1 or 2 passes with a S-tine harrow.