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computer hardware that holds and spins a magnetic or optical disk and reads and writes information on it

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Globally, a total of 183 million hard disc drives have been shipped by Seagate so far this year, generating $12.7 billion.
While the industry isn't immune to the global financial turmoil, hard disc drives have remained in strong demand, pushing sales.
Customers now have unprecedented flexibility and opportunity to lower their total cost of IT ownership by selecting the right hard disc drive for the proper application.
Enterprise servers have long used the standard parallel SCSI 3.5" hard disc drives for internal storage requirements.
The Panasonic rewritable optical disc drive features an average seek time of 90 milliseconds and has a maximum data transfer rate of 10.3 megabits per second from the disc.
The LF-7010 rewritable optical disc drive will be available in the 4th quarter for a suggested list price of $5,000.
In addition to slim models for IT devices, disc drives for automobiles and blu-ray disc players will also prop op the firm's business growth next year, according to Karin Huang, spokesperson for the firm.
NCQ is dynamic--when the workload increases, so does the disc drive performance.
It is this ability to efficiently rank order transport pathways to minimize mechanical wear and optimize performance that makes Serial ATA disc drives and elevators kindred technologies.
As the demand for storage has increased dramatically over time, technologists nave worked toward increasing the amount of information that can be stored onto disc drives. By increasing the areal density--or the amount of information that can be placed within a given area on a disc drive--technologists in fact have been able to deliver densities in excess of 100 percent annually over the course of the last several years.
Seagate's Cheetah XiS disc drive was developed to fill these data intensive needs.
The customers' investment is preserved because the 73GB disc drives are backward compatible with Eurologic Systems' products--the XL500 SCSI, XL500 Fibre, XL 600 SCSI, and Voyager SCSI Enhanced.
9, 2010 (CENS) -- As a back-to-school season, coupled with the approaching Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, has triggered consumer demand for disc drives, Taiwan-based Quanta Storage Inc.
The foundation of this near-line storage is high capacity, low cost per gigabyte, reliable disc drives with Fibre Channel or Serial ATA interfaces.
In Fig 1, a single loop of disc drives is connected with a single host.